School: Day 1 of last year! Yeha!



Dear Diary….

Today I start my last fall semester. I have 2 classes that will last 7 weeks and then one other 7 week class that will take me into December. I will have two sessions in the spring seven weeks long and one regular semester class. I am especially looking forward to that one because it is with the same teacher I had for my Business Law class. It is so cool when you have teachers you enjoy learning from. Then I get to walk the stage with my Bachelor’s degree in hand! WOW! 

School has been fun! I have loved in 99% of the time but there have been one or two teachers that take all the fun out of going to class. I have only dropped one class in the last several years while completing my degrees. It was a required class for a different major. Fortunately, I discovered Business was my true passion and there was no need for that particular course with my current degree plan. 

What do I want to do when I grow up? Hmm… I haven’t quite decided that but I will be looking for a job starting this fall. I will go to the career seminars and put my resume out there. We shall see what happens but I think the right door will open. God has a tendency to show me just the right place to be at the right time. I’m looking forward to see what He has in store for me.



Stay Home From Work?

Now there is an “illness” I understand!! LOL! Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

clinomania (n.) the excessive desire to stay in bed

clinomania (n.) the excessive desire to stay in bed

Call work and tell them you’re suffering from a raging case of clinomania. Maybe they’ll thank you for not coming in and giving it to everyone else. Or, maybe not…..

This was an original post from Grandmalin aka Breathing Space and her Just Jazzy word of the day!! Check it out!!! 🙂

Dust in the air….

Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller

Sounds of the machines can still be heard if you listen closely in the silence of the tomb-like workshop. Not far in the past, a bustling area used to cut wood for a local lumber yard. Men counting inches and measuring pine, oak and maple to be used in construction of houses and local projects. Then came that day; a worker went outside for a smoke, only to return and find the entire shop abandoned. Everyone was gone and the machines were quiet. They had simply vanished and no one ever saw them again. Dust was in the air…….

My entry this week for Friday Fictioners with our wonderful host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I love this challenge because it stimulates me to write something from someone else’s prompt. If you are so inclined to check it out yourself. Follow the link below! Have an awesome day my peeps! 🙂

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