School: Day 1 of last year! Yeha!



Dear Diary….

Today I start my last fall semester. I have 2 classes that will last 7 weeks and then one other 7 week class that will take me into December. I will have two sessions in the spring seven weeks long and one regular semester class. I am especially looking forward to that one because it is with the same teacher I had for my Business Law class. It is so cool when you have teachers you enjoy learning from. Then I get to walk the stage with my Bachelor’s degree in hand! WOW! 

School has been fun! I have loved in 99% of the time but there have been one or two teachers that take all the fun out of going to class. I have only dropped one class in the last several years while completing my degrees. It was a required class for a different major. Fortunately, I discovered Business was my true passion and there was no need for that particular course with my current degree plan. 

What do I want to do when I grow up? Hmm… I haven’t quite decided that but I will be looking for a job starting this fall. I will go to the career seminars and put my resume out there. We shall see what happens but I think the right door will open. God has a tendency to show me just the right place to be at the right time. I’m looking forward to see what He has in store for me.



School Trip


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“How about this one!”  

“I don’t care mom” Marie’s boredom is obvious as they peer in the glass at the beautiful cartouche in gold and silver.

“We can have one made with your name on it. It will be here in time for your birthday!”

“Fine! Whatever! Can we go now?”

Marie touches the necklace around her neck as she recalls the memory of the Egyptian exhibit. The school trip had been a nightmare and the museum was just one more boring stop.

What she wouldn’t give to go back to The Met and see it through her mother’s eye.

100 words

This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers June 6, 2018 hosted by our lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It is a wonderful challenge. Please follow the link to give it a try!! 🙂


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If you are wondering what a cartouche is, you can follow the links in the story. I have included the definition as well as what a piece of jewelry would look like. They are beautiful and unique and I have one in gold.

Back to school! YAH!

I know..I KNOW! I’m weird! But I love school! Today is the first day of the Spring semester. Nothing too hard; Algebra and Acting II but I am very excited to have my brain engaged again. I love to learn and grow. I can say this of course because I am not really working toward a degree. I am just going to school for fun. I truly take pleasure in being around young people and the smell of the classroom. Seeing kids with their backpacks and sitting in the courtyard with coffee. It’s awesome!!

I have a need to make my brain work; to be growing intellectually. I read a lot and I watch intellectual movies. I go to plays, the ballet and the symphony when I have the opportunity, which isn’t very often these days but I go when I can. I really like learning new things and growing. When people ask me why I have returned to school I tell them it was because my brain was turning to mush.

The Christmas holiday vacation was not good for me. If you read my blog you know I was sick during at least half of the time off and stressed out during the rest. It feels good to be back in a routine and a schedule. I will be in class with some of the same people again and I am excited to see them and see how they are.

I go to a local community college in a small town but the people I encounter are all ages. Some are returning to school to improve a skill set or to get a degree to make them more marketable. Then there are the kiddos who are fresh out of high school doing the college thing to help them on their journey in life. I would give anything if I could sit down with each and every one of them and make them understand how critical education and this time is to their future.

College is NOT just a necessary evil to help you make more money or to get a job. It is an education in LIFE! You are learning….how to learn. You are here to see a little bit of what the world is going to be like; to meet people from all walks of life and different cultures. You are learning how to get along with others and live in a close environment (if you live in a dorm) with a complete stranger (sometimes). You need to embrace the different ideas of other people and debate beliefs, morals and ideals to become grounded in your OWN belief system. Learn how to listen, listen, listen, listen!!!!! You have two ears and ONE mouth for a reason!

There is no other time in your life like college. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and tell my 18 year old self all of these things.

LIVE LIFE! Learn…grow…..become friends with as many people as you can then stay in touch. This will serve you later in life. Go to parties but be responsible. Step out of your comfort zone but don’t forget why you are there.

College is a LIFE education! Take advantage of this time (hopefully on mom and dad’s dime) and make it all it can be. You can never go back and be 18, 19, 20 years old again. Even if you go back to school down the road, it will never be the same. Because later in life, you will have other responsibilities. This time around, it is YOUR money and your time. You will probably have to sacrifice time from a family or loved ones because you need to make yourself better. This is a good thing but can be very difficult because you are a grown up now. However, you can still have a good attitude and see the good things about returning to school. Let the energy of those younguns rub off on you and be a mentor to them. Sit down with them and have a cup of coffee if you can and tell them….You only get ONE shot at being young! Be the absolute best student you can be because college is a gift!! Do not take it for granted. Do not waste your time….go to class, do your homework, but have fun! You are here to learn about life!!!

So I’m off kiddies! Have an awesome, incredible and wonderful Monday!