Summer time, summer time…sum, sum, summer time!

Today’s observation:

I absolutely love summer! It is my favorite season of the year. I really like the Spring too because everything is in bloom, but my allergies usually keep me from enjoying the outdoors too much. The summer brings the heat and I am all about the heat! My friends (and most family) EVEN the ones who LIVE in Texas think I am crazy! But I love it here. I love the hot weather and the sun. I had the wonderful summers in Kentucky growing up also. However, it is warmer…longer here. And I will take my 70 degrees in December and January thank you very much! That is why I live here~

I think one of the reasons I love the summer so much is because my fondest memories from my childhood are mostly in the summer. Barefoot outside in the grass, swings until we were dizzy and going to the local pool from 10:00AM to 5:00PM every day. Then you had all of the fresh vegetables out of the garden. There was nothing ever quite as good as picking an ear of corn, fresh tomatoes, green beans and squash out of the garden, coming home and having them for dinner. The smell of a fresh-cut watermelon makes me dream of the days we cut a whole melon outside on the picnic table and stood with our feet apart eating the juicy red fruit down to the rind. We would be so sticky our faces and feet would have to be washed off with a water hose before my grandmother would let us indoors.

I remember having to take a bath and go to bed when it was still daylight outside. That was just wrong!! There was still time to play…RIGHT? Climbing trees, riding bikes, playing outside until it was too dark to see. That is what I remember and why summer means so much to me now.

Yes I am getting older, yes my body doesn’t like the heat as much and yes…now I go to bed before it is dark outside (sometimes) but no one will ever be able to spoil the glorious days of summer and our youth!

Question #1 What do YOU remember about the dog days of summer?

Looks just like me! :-)

Looks just like me! 🙂