“Whar you frum?”

Today’s Observation:

There are different social occasions which will dictate exactly how you are introduced to someone, but the initial exchange seems to be the same no matter where or how you meet.

Sometimes you may take the initiative to go up to someone you have never met and say Hello. But chances are better that someone will introduce you. The conversation will sound something like this:

“Hey so-in-so I want you to meet someone! This is my friend, co-worker, girlfriend, mom, dad…etc.” Or something like that…..

No matter the reason for the introduction, the first thing you will probably say is:
“Hi, it is nice to meet you.” Then we say, “Where are you from?” We are being polite, but it is what we do. Even if you do not say it in the beginning, the second line will usually come up somewhere in almost every conversation when you first come into contact with someone, provided you do not already have this information.

Why is that? I think it is because we immediately start looking for a way to connect to that person. The other reason may also be to establish our position in society and subconsciously place them in the proverbial food chain. Some of us truly do not mean to do this, but it is the way most of us are wired socially and it is human nature.

We also look for things in common. Other people, places, friends, where we have visited, how many kids we have, where we went to high school and maybe why you are both in that particular place at that particular moment in time.

What I find interesting are the answers to the question: “Where are you from?”

In Kentucky, you will most likely answer with what county you live in, unless you are from one, or near one, of the larger cities like Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro or Paducah. However, we will probably only answer you with a county if you are from the area and not having this conversation in another state. Otherwise, we may just pick the nearest town and say from close by or tell you the part of the state our county lies in. I did not realize this was a common answer until I moved away and then moved back. I am sure it is something that it is not unique to Kentucky, but I can only speak for my home state. After several discussions with fellow Kentuckians, I have figured out the reason we do this. It is because of the size of the towns in most of the counties. One county could have as many as 10 small towns in it with the largest town being the county seat. Unless someone is familiar with Monkeys Eyebrow (yes that is a real town) chances are much better you will be able to place Ballard County than the town. It sits on the other side of Paducah (McCracken County) from Possum Trot, KY (not to be confused with Possum Trot, TX) which sits in Marshall County. So which would you rather say you are from? You always have the choice of telling people you are from Bugtussle, Ordinary, or Krypton and let them try and figure it out, but if I were from Penile, KY, I think I might keep that one to myself and just tell them Jefferson County.

This happens to be true no matter where in Kentucky you are from. Folks in Eastern, Central, Northern and Western Kentucky are all guilty of telling what county they live in or was raised in, just ask ’em!

In Texas, it is a little different. You are either from Dallas, Ft Worth, East Texas, South Texas, West Texas or the Panhandle. If you have the inclination to get more information, they MIGHT tell you a large city like San Antonio, Austin, Houston or El Paso. We have small towns around here too with some really interesting names like Lazbuddie, Bacon, and Gun Barrel. But at least they could agree on something, unlike the towns of Nameless and Uncertain! So far, I have only heard people refer to the county seat town rather than the actual county name.

There are funny names all across the country no matter what state you live in and I know people are very special who can claim these hometowns as the central part of their heritage.  It is the little things that make me smile 🙂

Question of the day: “Whar you frum?” (as we say in the South)Nameless, TXPossum Trot, KY

Krypton KY


Today’s Observation:

I have had the privilege of living in several states. I was born and raised mostly in Western Kentucky but I lived for a brief time as a small child in Michigan at 3 and then Florida when I was 4 and 5. But I started school in KY and stayed there throughout high school. I even went to college near my home for 3 years.

THEN I moved to Texas and my adventure began. I met my husband, got married a year later and moved back to central KY a year after that. We lived in that area for about 5 years. Then we moved to Michigan for hubby’s job for 4 years and then back to western KY for 2. On to SE Missouri for a brief time then back to western KY once again. This time we were there for 10 years. We lived in my home town during the last stint, but it never really felt like “home” to me again. My family is still there and I have friends I stay in touch with, but it will never be the same.

I’m Happy to say we are back in Texas where it all began. I love it here. I love the heat, the attitude, the family nearby and it feels more like home to me than MY home ever has. During my adventures all over the country I have had the privilege of meeting many, many people. Some (most) have been great but some have been mean, self-centered, unfriendly and judgmental. I do not do well with that most of the time. I cannot be accused of wearing my feelings on my sleeve or a chip on my shoulder just daring someone to knock it off. But I can say after living in so many places I have learned to adapt my thinking to where I live.

It is the most comfortable here in Texas and probably the closest to my personality. But other places have been miserable because I was never able to connect or plug in to the area. I take responsibility to some degree of that not happening. However, sometimes it was where we were and never having the feeling of being welcome 😦

I guess what I need most of all are people. I am a social being who needs the energy of people surrounding me. It is one thing that feeds my soul. I love young people and mentoring newlyweds. Kids are a lot of fun too! Being around young people makes me feel young as well. Hence of the main reasons for returning to school. Learning also makes my brain work and grown. And they say if you are not growing…you are dying.

Question: What are you doing to help you grow?rainbow

Summer time, summer time…sum, sum, summer time!

Today’s observation:

I absolutely love summer! It is my favorite season of the year. I really like the Spring too because everything is in bloom, but my allergies usually keep me from enjoying the outdoors too much. The summer brings the heat and I am all about the heat! My friends (and most family) EVEN the ones who LIVE in Texas think I am crazy! But I love it here. I love the hot weather and the sun. I had the wonderful summers in Kentucky growing up also. However, it is warmer…longer here. And I will take my 70 degrees in December and January thank you very much! That is why I live here~

I think one of the reasons I love the summer so much is because my fondest memories from my childhood are mostly in the summer. Barefoot outside in the grass, swings until we were dizzy and going to the local pool from 10:00AM to 5:00PM every day. Then you had all of the fresh vegetables out of the garden. There was nothing ever quite as good as picking an ear of corn, fresh tomatoes, green beans and squash out of the garden, coming home and having them for dinner. The smell of a fresh-cut watermelon makes me dream of the days we cut a whole melon outside on the picnic table and stood with our feet apart eating the juicy red fruit down to the rind. We would be so sticky our faces and feet would have to be washed off with a water hose before my grandmother would let us indoors.

I remember having to take a bath and go to bed when it was still daylight outside. That was just wrong!! There was still time to play…RIGHT? Climbing trees, riding bikes, playing outside until it was too dark to see. That is what I remember and why summer means so much to me now.

Yes I am getting older, yes my body doesn’t like the heat as much and yes…now I go to bed before it is dark outside (sometimes) but no one will ever be able to spoil the glorious days of summer and our youth!

Question #1 What do YOU remember about the dog days of summer?

Looks just like me! :-)

Looks just like me! 🙂