I am a mom, wife, student, writer, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, cousin, cousin-in-law *grin* and a very good friend to people. I wear several hats! I do not have it all figured out, but I am having fun trying to do just that. I enjoy life, mentoring kids and young married couples and playing with my dogs. I love to travel, entertain and have had many get togethers at our house where my wonderful hubby and I welcome others to laugh and fellowship….. I am having a blast going back to school to finish my Business degree! I love God and my family and my friends and I do my best to be as authentic as I can!

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  5. Hi Courtney, Nice to connect with you over at Michelle’s. I too love playing with my dogs, and was quite the drama queen back in high school and college. Loved performing Shakespeare.
    I miss acting, but writing is definitely a form of acting. 🙂

    So nice to meet you!

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    • VERY nice to meet you also Christy! I just love Michelle! She has hooked me up with a couple of pretty awesome people and I feel blessed to have her as a Bloggy friend! I’m so glad she had you as a guest!! 😀
      I love going back to school. I just wish I had taken it more serious 30 years ago. My low GPA from back then is coming back to bite me in the tooshy! I have taken several acting classes and I have been in a couple of plays. I am auditioning for the Spring musical which should be a lot of fun. I had taken “fun” classes but now it’s time to get down to business with my degree and take the necessary ones I need like US and Texas Government.. ugh :-/

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      • Government? Ugh, blerch, ick! Especially TX gov’t. 😉 (I live in West Texas, it is a really screwy state!)

        I adore Michelle. I met her when I was writing solely at Running on Sober. She’s great at encouraging her friends to spread their wings…I probably wouldn’t have ventured into Anna or The Lovely Fire without her in my corner.

        A musical?! Ooooh girl you are brave! 😀

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      • Oh I don’t know about a screwy state. But there are definitely some screwy people around here! LOL! 😉
        We live in East Texas! Hence the TX Gov requirement.. *sigh* Hubby said I should get credit for watching Texas Rising on The History Channel. It was pretty close…right? Ha ha ha ha!

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      • Hahahahha! We watched Texas Rising too 🙂 I think you should def get credit for watching it. (And true, the state itself isn’t that bad, but I’m orig from Atlanta so I’m having to adjust to the flat dry windy tundra here. It’s not thaaaaat bad.)

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  6. Hey Courtney, finally got the time to come on over. It’s so nice to meet you.
    “I love God and my family and my friends and I do my best to be as authentic as I can!”
    –Love this about you. Me toooooooo.
    Thought I’d let you know that Rob’s ok. Just has some personal stuff at the moment.
    Many blessings to you, and I’ll be checking my Reader on Friday’s for your lovely fiction pieces.
    🙂 ❤

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    • OH Good!! I’m so glad! I totally understand. i’m just glad he is ok. But when someone just drops off the planet with no explanation, no warning..nothing! It’s disconcerting and people DO notice! *sigh* Right here in our little corner of the blogesphere, I consider the ones I interact with to be my bloggy friends and I care about what happens to them. Especially when you have someone who posts several times a week! The last time that happened, no one knew how to reach the person who disappeared so we have no way of knowing what happened!! Please tell Rob people are thinking about him and he is missed! 🙂
      Anyway…. thanks so much for stopping by and visiting some of my posts!
      I am covered up right now with school and my plate is very full so I haven’t been writing much outside of assignments LOL! But I love to contribute to FF when I can. It’s very nice to meet you too! 😀 ❤

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