Share a little of my world today…

Are you thin or thick skinned?   Are you easily offended or tend to let it just roll off your back like a duck does with water?

I would say I am thick skinned to some degree. It depends on WHO is saying what to me as to whether or not I allow it to get under my skin. Sometimes I need to don the duck suit though, otherwise my feelings will get hurt. But I have been blindsided a few times by someone I love and those hurt the worse and take me the longest to get over. I will usually throw up a pretty stout wall after that and not let that person back in. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice? Not anymore… my second chances are in low supply these days. I am tired of being the one who always gives with no reciprocation. Life is too short so I will give my time to those who appreciate it. (there are very few exceptions to this) 

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When Do you feel you are not enough?

I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday that I have learned that N O word and I use it… not as often as I should, but I am getting there. I have often said, I have a lot on my plate. But it is MY plate and I get to decide what is on it and how much of it I can consume and what I need to throw away but I try not to waste space. I still do though and it is usually retrospect when I see it. Using the plate analogy, we also need to recognize that just because there is space on our plate does not mean we need to fill it up just to make our plate look good to other people. It is YOUR plate… not theirs. Let them take a look at what is on theirs before they start telling you what you should do with yours.

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How important are morals in a healthy society? What are the most important morals for citizens to have? 

I’d say morals are critical to a healthy society. It is unfortunate that morals are having a tendency to be lower and lower in general.

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Morals, like integrity, generosity, compassion, perseverance, and belief in the power of compromise can keep the peace when things are falling apart. (I agreed with this statement from Laura so I kept it) 😏

What will your epitaph be?

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French toast, pancakes or waffles?

Hmm… love all three if made correctly. But if I have to choose, it would be my hubby’s wonderful French Toast.

What were you grateful for this past week?

I have a lot to be grateful for but especially over the weekend when my sweet hubby gave me the support I needed when I was having not one, but three different meltdowns over a stupid online class that I ended up dropping. Neither of us was going to survive that class!! LOL!! 💜

10 thoughts on “Share a little of my world today…

  1. Better to drop a class you know is driving you crazy than to “stick it out” just because and go even more insane. 🙂 It’s good to have limits — and to learn that “No.” is a complete sentence.

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    • It IS!! But still very difficult to say sometimes… fortunately I dropped it before the deadline so I got tuition and book refunded. Besides that…As are extremely important to me so there was that to consider also 😉


    • Thank you so much Robert. I am sure you have to have a thick skin to get through the things you survive. When you are dealing with the public in ANY capacity it is difficult but I think it takes a special kind of person to be in the service industry! You are one of those.. a good egg me thinks! 😚💕


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