How did 2018 go by so quickly? I’m joining Dawn Landau’s positive affirmation challenge via Rochelle Wisofff. You can find the directions here on Dawn’s post. Do set your timer. I did and was surprised that in 15 minutes I exceeded 50 things I was thankful for and when the timer went off I really wasn’t finished. I could have written so many more. The number order has nothing to do with importance. This is totally stream of consciousness. 

I dare you to join the fun. I double dare you!!! 


Thank you, Dawn for doing this again. 😀 

  1. God
  2. My kids
  3. My husband
  4. My family (especially nieces and nephews)
  5. Clean air
  6. Clean water
  7. Warm bed
  8. Good food to eat and fruit!
  9. School/all education
  10. Ability to pay bills
  11. My love of reading
  12. Both parents still alive
  13. My health
  14. My husband’s health
  15. My computer
  16. Ability to read and write
  17. My blog
  18. My blog friends
  19. ALL my friends
  20. My toaster (inside joke)
  21. My waffle maker
  22. Warm sox
  23. My awesome dogs Pookie and Grace
  24. My heart for animals
  25. My neighborhood
  26. My Church
  27. My pastor
  28. My church family and small group
  29. Brita water pitcher 
  30. COFFEE
  31. Stove and all appliances
  32. Ability to cook
  33. A husband who cooks, cleans and picks up his dirty clothes! 
  34. My car
  35. Phones/ability to communicate
  36. Technology in general
  37. Internet! Wow what did we do before Google?
  38. Freedom in the US
  39. Places I have traveled
  40. Stationary 
  41. Clean house
  42. Safe town
  43. Morning newspaper
  44. Good restaurants
  45. Movies
  46. Good TV-especially “This is Us”
  47. My beautiful china
  48. Warm weather in Dec
  49. Ability to drive
  50. Grocery stores
  51. My glasses
  52. Art museums and art on my wall
  53. My quilts
  54. Ability to analyze and think critically
  55. Teachers I have had
  56. WINE!!!! Oh and uhm.. Chocolate!! Because it goes with WINE!! ❤
  57. Theater
  58. Bookclubs
  59. MUSIC! All music! Opera, jazz, rock-n-roll, symphony
  60. Dancing! ALL Dancing!!
  61. Having a published poem in a real book
  62. Living near (NOT IN) a large city
  63. Green grass in December
  64. Flowers on trees in December
  65. The Great state of Texas!!
  66. Vacations with family
  67. Calendars
  68. Calculators
  69. Hairdressers and color!!
  70. Nail salon
  71. Popcorn
  72. Sunsets, sunrise and the moon! 
  73. Birds!
  74. Shoes and clothes to wear
  75. Jigsaw and word find puzzles ………………………

39 thoughts on “2019 ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

  1. I have found so much that I am thankful for just by reading this. In the last few minutes, I am thankful for:

    1. Breath
    2. My kids
    3. My family
    4. My cats
    5. Friends I have spoken to on WordPress
    6. Friends I have made and spoken to on Mixer
    7. Sight
    8. Hearing
    9. Taste
    10. The ability to smile.
    11. Books
    12. Audiobooks
    13. Ability to read and write

    That is just in a couple of minutes. If I was to have the time and thought about it a lot, I imagine there is so much more that I can be thankful for.

    Thank YOU Courtney for posting this. I appreciate you

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  2. This is so beautiful…and so much fun…and so similar to my points of gratefulness. (Except, I can’t say green grass or blooming trees in December here in NE). ;-( But I like the ones you put in caps – the only one missing that would be on my list is….CHOCOLATE. 😉 xo
    P.S. I think I’ll double dare the writers in my Creative Writing classes to do this…

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  3. Yay, Courtney! So glad you find your way to my annual Attitude of Gratitude! I love your list, and as I’ve told each of the other bloggers who’ve done this each year, I am always amazed by how many things I find on other lists, that I too am grateful for. Gratitude begets more gratitude! I’m adding a link on my blog, back to this post. I noticed that you didn’t add yours to the InLinkz. If you have trouble, go to my Tales From the Motherland FB page and leave me a PM with your email address. I’ll add you. It’s been glitchy this year. Thanks for joining us and happy 2019!

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  6. I don’t know why but after each list I am surprised at me smiling in recognition of pieces of me in those thngs.Beautiful list.And BTW,the google thing requires a high-five

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  7. Dear Courtney/Kim,

    Funny how we don’t think about all we have until we sit down to write them out. I was amazed at my own list. I do notice that two things you put in caps are two of my things…COFFEE and WINE. ❤ Thank you for the nod. 😉

    Shalom and a belated Happy New Year.


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    • Thanks Rochelle! And you’re welcome!
      I saw that those were also on your list. I was reminded about chocolate by someone else so I uhm.. well, I cheated and added it with the wine! 😉 But you HAVE to have chocolate with WINE!!! Right??? ❤


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