Soooooo… I am now a published author! Yep! I am surprised too!

It’s only a poem, but still. I am in a book that has been published with my real name (Kim Templin) and my bio. It is in a collection of poems from Z Publishing House. The name of the book is “America’s Emerging Poets 2018: Southeast Region” and you can purchase it here on Amazon.


I am as surprised as anyone. Along with my blog posts, I write these fun 100 word Flash Fiction stories based on photographs provided by a blog friend Rochelle Wisoff-Fields . She has a weekly prompt called Friday Fictioneers. I have written many and they are usually stories but a few have been poems. The prompt I used was this photo

Friday Fiction Challenge photo 2-5-14

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

and it is called The Absolute Auction. You can visit that blog post here.

I have written several poems over the years and when I found out about this publication, I submitted 3 of them. Never in a million years did I expect to be chosen. But chosen I was…

If you decide to buy the book please look me up on page 145. I do not get any proceeds from this book but I do get bragging rights I suppose. Although it has taken some courage and a bit of nail biting to put this in my blog and share with you guys. There are many wonderful poems in there from people all over the Southeast region of the US and it is fun to read.

That is all… ❤

43 thoughts on “Soooooo… I am now a published author! Yep! I am surprised too!

  1. Oh Kim!I am So Proud of You!!!! If I would have known earlier I would have gotten with you and all your friends and coordinated a Book Opening Party! I have many friends who tell me I should submit some of my children’s books, short stories, and I novel I’m trying to finish. I’ve been too scared of a rejection. I’ve had articles written ABOUT me but this really gives me a boost!I love you so much Sweetie! Congrats again!Rhonda Jo Wasson.

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    • Thanks Rhonda! It still feels kind of surreal. It’s just one poem in a book of many others. But it is something published. I know the rejection is hard but you should try. I appreciate the thought of the party. Maybe next time 😉


  2. So proud of you! I’ve had the pleasure of watching your fiction skills grow and grow. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you dive into as you have … talent and vigor are a formidable combination!

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