School: Day 1 of last year! Yeha!



Dear Diary….

Today I start my last fall semester. I have 2 classes that will last 7 weeks and then one other 7 week class that will take me into December. I will have two sessions in the spring seven weeks long and one regular semester class. I am especially looking forward to that one because it is with the same teacher I had for my Business Law class. It is so cool when you have teachers you enjoy learning from. Then I get to walk the stage with my Bachelor’s degree in hand! WOW! 

School has been fun! I have loved in 99% of the time but there have been one or two teachers that take all the fun out of going to class. I have only dropped one class in the last several years while completing my degrees. It was a required class for a different major. Fortunately, I discovered Business was my true passion and there was no need for that particular course with my current degree plan. 

What do I want to do when I grow up? Hmm… I haven’t quite decided that but I will be looking for a job starting this fall. I will go to the career seminars and put my resume out there. We shall see what happens but I think the right door will open. God has a tendency to show me just the right place to be at the right time. I’m looking forward to see what He has in store for me.



12 thoughts on “School: Day 1 of last year! Yeha!

  1. Last year of college .. woo hoo!! I still have a few years before I go back, but I’m already studying and getting ready for the crunchy chemistry and biology courses that are looming in the distance. Enjoy the ride, Courtney.

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    • Thanks Al! These classes are very time consuming. I do not like an accelerated curriculum because there is so much information crammed into 7 weeks. I like having the entire semester, but I have no choice now. At least it is only 15 of my last 18 hours. It works well for those folks who want to get done in a hurry or need their degrees quickly because of a job situation. I admit I have been somewhat spoiled being able to take my time. But I am so done… and glad I will have my degree in 9 months. Thank you for the encouragement! ❤

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  2. You are awesome and you will rock the homestretch just like you’ve rocked the path getting here.
    What to be when we grow up … I’m still pondering that as well.
    Keep trucking (and writing!) – always love seeing what you’re up to.

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    • I’m sorry I pulled a disappearing act over the summer.. I was recuperating from my surgery. I am still healing and have bad days if I overdo it…which just means I have sat too long, like driving back and forth to KY/TN last week.
      I am sorely disappointed with one of my classes already and I am meeting with an adviser on Wed to see what my options are. This one professor could easily screw up my plans to graduate Suma Cum Laude and I won’t let that happen. I will drop the class and take it from someone else next summer before I will do that. So we will see how that pans out.
      As always I am tickled when you drop by. I will be writing more because it will help me to stay sane this fall! LOL! Loves ya! ❤

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