An Awwww moment in Mother Nature!

So.. yesterday was Mother’s day and while I was at home relaxing, I get a text from my neighbor. It seems a brand new fawn was just born behind their house. We share some woods between our houses and the doe had walked toward our house with her newborn. She was right next to our driveway. So we sneaked outside and found them. As soon as the momma heard us, she sprinted about 20 paces away and the baby lay down in the grass. I was able to get right up to it and take some photos so I thought I would share with you guys!

Happy Mother’s Day Momma Doe!! ❤

baby deer

Photo by Kim Templin 5-13-18

This is definitely something good that happened on Mother’s Day! 🙂

14 thoughts on “An Awwww moment in Mother Nature!

    • Thanks! We were really fortunate to get this close and get a pic. We now have 3 babies in the neighborhood. We traditionally will have at least 2 sets of twins along with other fawns. There will be 10-15 when they are all born! 😀

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Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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