It Just Takes the Right Touch! 


“Of course it doesn’t work!” Taylor growled to herself! Stupid antique is probably there as a joke. Her dead mobile was in her pocket and she was going to be late… AGAIN!

“Need to make a call?” the black leather jacket squeaked as he stuck his thumbs in his front pockets.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t work.”

“Sure it does!” He lightly rapped the top of the phone then picked up the handset. “Here ya go!”

She heard the dial tone as she put the receiver to her ear. Surprised, she turned around to say “THAN..” but no one was there.

This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers for July 27, 2017 hosted by our lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It is a wonderful challenge. Please follow the link below to give it a try!! 🙂

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76 thoughts on “It Just Takes the Right Touch! 

      • No… a real honest to goodness angel. Two of them in fact. I was driving from KY to TX by myself late one night and was exhausted. I stopped at a rest stop to get some fresh air and splash some water on my face. There were two ladies in the restroom and we got to talking. I told them of my trip and how tired I was. (This rest stop was out in the middle of nowhere) One of them asked if she could pray for me. I said yes of course. After she prayed I was full of energy!! I thanked her and walked outside. No cars!! NONE! I walked all the way around the building… then went back into the restroom. There was no one there. If they weren’t angels I don’t know what they were! 🕊

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      • Not just angels, but Heaven as well. If there’s a Heaven as the bible describes then there are angels, and Paul calls them “ministering spirits.” Too many people have seen one to ever deny their existence. Have you ever read the book A Mighty Tempest by Michelle Hamilton?

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      • That is very true. I definitely believe in spirits AND angels. I have had too many personal experiences to deny them. I haven’t heard of that book. I will look it up. I read a lot! Thanks so much.

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