My new Love……



Not much gives me more pleasure than finding a new artist and new tunes to fall in love with. This incredible young musician, Barnaby George “Barns” Courtney is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He was born in Ipswich, England and settled with his family in Seattle, WA at the age of 4.
In 2015, Courtney released his first track as a solo artist, “Glitter & Gold”, which received radio play on BBC Introducing Suffolk and by BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggert, and led to an appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter the following year. “Glitter & Gold” also reached #1 on the UK Spotify Viral Chart, and #2 on the iTunes Alternative Chart.
His music reminds me of OneRepublic with wonderful lyrics and a hard cadence with a voice that tingles my ears. I fell in love with “Glitter & Gold” when it was featured during the closing credits of  the movie Burnt with Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. I don’t know if I would recommend the movie necessarily but Barns Courtney certainly made an impression on me and I looked him up to see what other songs I could glean. Here are 2 of my favs! 

22 thoughts on “My new Love……

  1. II thought that I would listen to these even though I figured I wouldn’t like them. The music is stunning though. It reminds of someone else who I really liked, and I can’t remember who it is. The sound and the beat is excellent. I think I will definitely look out for more of hi stuff,

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    • Really??? You didn’t think you would like it? I am so glad you took a listen and you did.. that’s awesome! I like a little bit of everything except for rap. I just can’t get my head around that. I appreciate the talent that “most” have though… What DO you like???
      Barns’ music is very close to what I will go to first. There is another group called OneRepublic that has a very similar sound. Here is my fav by them. You can see the similarities… and the video totally rocks!!! 😉

      As always, I appreciate you stopping by Al! 😚


      • I tend to like the song rather than an artist with a couple of exceptions. I like music from AC/DC all the way to ZZ Top. With the exception of The Beatles and Elvis. The only bands I will go out of my way for are Evanescence, and Within Temptation. Used to be Nightwish as well until I found out how they treated their women.

        I can see the similarities with OneRepublic, it also reminded me of Sun Goes Down by David Jordan

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