The Bottle and the Rooftop


The Bottle and The Rooftop

The red wine clung to the sides as she swirled it around in the beautiful tumbler and looked out over the city. White linen table cloths and napkins covered the chrome table that held one single candle. The sun was just starting to set on the horizon and the gold, red and violet hues reflected in the glass she held. Incredible smells wafted on the breeze and she could see the chef as he sautéed the spears of asparagus that would sit on the porcelain plate with the veal piccata. It was not her favorite meal, but she had ordered it and she would enjoy the flavors as they sat on her tongue to mingle with the dryness of the wine. The piccata and a good Pinot noir will always complement one another he had told her.

It had been the last one in her cellar and she removed it with care this morning and put in the wine carrier to bring with her. It was the very last bottle they had purchased together. He had laughed and teased her about purchasing a bottle simply because she liked the label, but it had turned out to be wonderful in spite of her naiveté. Charlotte’s eyes filled with tears as she silently toasted her late husband on what would have been their 40th anniversary.

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. Our awesome host Al Forbes-Mixed Bag has one of these every week. If you would like to give it a go, please click on icon below and have fun!


41 thoughts on “The Bottle and the Rooftop

    • Thank you CE.. and you are right, there were a couple of typos. I did not realize that I had accidentally posted the wrong version! I have since corrected it… read again and see if you like the changes! 😉


      • Laughing.
        You did not need to go to that trouble on my account!
        Being totally pedantic, I have to say I am not comfortable with the tense of ‘sit’ towards the end of the first paragraph.
        The entire piece is in the past tense, so I think there might be a hint of tense confusion here, and this niggled at me on each reading.
        As I say, really pedantic!
        Just ignore me, okay?

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      • No worries.. it didn’t hurt my feelings at all. In fact, had you not pointed out the errors I would not have realized I had posted the wrong version, so there’s that! lol! 🙂
        Thanks so much for stopping by! ❤


  1. I absolutely loved this story. You have a gift. First of all, you took me right to the rooftop and it felt like I was sitting at the table–your scene descriptions were awesome!

    Secondly – I loved how you provided an ending, but not so much of an ending that the reader could apply something of themselves. “It would have been their 40th”…does that mean he’s dead, missing, left her? Oh, the possibilities!!

    Sorry it took me so long to get over here 🙂
    More please!

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    • It does lead you down several paths, eh? When my husband read it, he said “So, I’m dead and you are in Europe somewhere celebrating without me??” Seriously! I told him it was not about us and he better not be dead in just 10 years! Ornery old fart! LOL! But if I am “alone” on the 4th of July 2026, I will be on the roof of the Reichstag Building (their Parliament) having dinner and a bottle of Pinot!! ha ha ha!

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    • Awww… thanks Rochelle. It means a lot you took the time to come by! I appreciate your compliment. There was a lady on the roof of the Reichstag alone the evening we were there. This was kind of a speculation story driven by the photo prompt! 🙂


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