Waiting for the other shoe?


Photo Prompt CE Ayr


“Did you see that?” Terry said in alarm as she looked around.

“See what?” I answered.

“Oh My God, she was JUST there! Where did she go?” she sounded frightened now.

“Where did WHO go? What are you talking about?” I was confused.

“The woman in the red coat… She was JUST there!”

“Terry, there wasn’t anyone there. I didn’t see a woman in a red coat. We are the only ones waiting for the train.” Now  raising MY voice.

She walked to the platform’s edge, looked down and motioned me over. “Then where did that shoe come from?”

Word Count 100

This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. If you would like to play along, please follow the prompt below and give it a try!!

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79 thoughts on “Waiting for the other shoe?

  1. I heard the song, Lady in Red and then I saw Marilyn Monroe dress scene in The Seven Year Itch when I was reading the first part of the story. I was intrigued! Rightly so. Now where did she go?
    It was a rerun when I saw The Seven Year Itch. 🙂 Good dialogue. I’m not use to doing that yet.


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  2. Oh, this is great. What a start to an untold much longer story. A figment of imagination. A ghost of a suicide victim, a crime victim, not a ghost, not there, been there, vanished. The shoe as a portal to another world… did you ever notice how many lonely shoes (and sometimes pairs) lie at the roadside or just in the middle of nowhere? Who are these people who lose their shoes all the time? There, you made me go all over the place… 😉

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    • Yes you did!! You went ALL over the place!!! And those are all possibilities. And I DO wonder about the occasional shoes or pair of shoes in obscure places. Why are they there? Who left them? What happened to them? Why One shoe? Why not TWO shoes?? So many questions!!!! See, now you got me doing it!! LOL! 😉


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