Friday questions Thursday… random fun! :-)

While trying to come up with a post for today, I ran across this one from Not a Punk Rocker and decided it would be fun. She got the idea from Josh Wren

head and questions

So read it and groan I suppose… 😛

My random answers to random questions: 

  • What time is it where you are? 1:20PM
  • What one superpower do you wish you could have? Hm.. probably Invisibility because I could do whatever I want, whenever I want! invisibilitycloak
  • Are you lonesome tonight? It’s daytime and no, not right now. But there are days I can be surrounded by people and feel completely alone. 
  • What are you wearing? I still have on my pj’s. It is just one of those days. I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to see so pjs it is.
  • Any big plans for the weekend? I do actually! There is a really cool food festival in Dallas and one of the chefs is from a well known Sushi restaurant. I am also going to go car shopping! WOOHOO! sushi
  • Are you in love? Yep! Married to my BFF for 29 years! 🙂
  • Do you have a crush? Well.. that depends on the definition…..probably not, since I am married. 
  • Does that person know? N/A
  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? That is difficult. But probably anywhere my baby niece is. She is 10 months old and I miss her and her parents TERRIBLY! 
  • What one book would you most want to read on a deserted island? HA HA! I would have to agree with Sheena on this one… “The Gilligan’s Island Guidebook to Deserted Island Living:  From Coconut Radios to Huts, How to Make the Best of Your Extended 3-Hour Tour.”Gilligansisland
  • Cats, dogs, or both? I have dogs… have had a couple of awesome kitties but all done with them now. I hate litter boxes and cat hair. My dogs don’t shed and they are much better companions! 
  • Favorite time of year? Summer.. Love the heat! Which works out well since I live in Texas!summer
  • Favorite hobby? I have several. I love to read, write, paint, crochet, draw and do puzzles. 
  • Do you get along with your parents? I get along with my dad VERY well… he’s awesome! My mom and I don’t speak anymore… her choice 😦 
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? No.. I believe in chemistry at first site and hormones that can make you do stupid things! I believe you can take said chemistry and get to know that person and THEN fall in ACTUAL love with them! But I don’t believe it is possibly to “fall in love” at first site because love is a choice. The exception would be with children. I was totally smitten with my niece before I ever laid eyes on her and loved her from moment one! love chemistry
  • What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? Oh THAT list is long… But the one that sticks out in my mind is holding the hand of one of the main band leaders of Acoustic Alchemy and telling him he had the most amazing hands in the world! He let me do it too! was very gracious and thanked me! However, I look back at that scenario and I am mortified at what I said. He probably thought I was weird… and he would be right! 
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? My 29 year marriage! 
  • Are you missing anybody right now? Oh yeah… my Poppi. Such a special man. I so wish I had him to talk to sometimes. 😦
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A published author and motivational speaker. 
  • Do you have a celebrity crush? Yep! Jason Statham and Timothy Olyphant……yum!!! (HEY, I’m married, not dead!)jason-statham Timothy Olyphant

9 thoughts on “Friday questions Thursday… random fun! :-)

  1. Fun getting to know you a bit more from this blog post. Parents – interesting creatures, yes? I’m reading a book called House Broken (new, in paperback) which is great ‘women’s fiction’ and delves into relationships with moms. You may enjoy it – I picked it up because the author will be speaking at a library near me in a week, and wanted to read it before I met her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pamela! I may have to look that book up. I’m always looking for new stuff to read/listen to. My relationship with my mother is complicated and always has been. She has been in competition with me my entire life. I think part of that is because she was so young (17) when she had me. She has always seen the things I experienced, relationships with guys, my marriage, my looks….etc as better than her’s and THAT’S NOT FAIR! blah, blah, blah… she is toxic. I love her but she has alienated the entire family now, even my brother (who was the golden, could do no wrong, “I actually wanted him” child) his New baby (whom she was babysitting 3 times a week) and even MY daughter who WAS the only one she spoke to. I’m sorry she has done this, but it is her choice. 😦

      Sorry I am just now responding. I have been out of town for the last week at my BFF wedding. SO GLAD to be home!!!

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