Stardust and princess slippers.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Thanks Jenny! :-0

jenny's lark

pink tutu

Here’s what I know about careening toward 50, which I’ll be in less than a month:

You walk by a mirror and wonder just who the hell put an old lady costume on your 36-year-old self.

If you are one of the handful of readers for whom 30 is a distant, looming part of the future and you are thinking that, whoa, 36 sounds pretty old all by itself, then just file this whole thing away for future reference and hope that you get here eventually. Irrespective of the wrinkles and sagging fanny, getting older is still preferable to the alternative, that alternative being, namely, dying.

There are a few other things I know about reaching the half century mark, some of which are more palatable than others, one of which is that 50 is definitely not 40. By 40 you’ve likely figured out who you are. By 50 you’ve…

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