10 thoughts on “Sargasm anyone? ;-)

  1. Ha Ha. I like ‘idiotwriters’s’ example. Great new word. Like you, I try to squelch my sarcasm button, which when turned on, is too, what? right on and thus too mean? I taught a creative writing class in which one of the students used a great amount of (good) sarcasm in her dialogue. But another student hated it and said, ‘Sarcasm is the devil’s tongue.’ Whoops!! 🙂

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    • I have to admit, it comes out much more than it should. I am better at thinking before I speak though. And when writing, you truly have to be careful. So many times sarcasm doesn’t always translate to paper (or text). If the voice inflection isn’t there, it can sound literal and mean. I try not to use it to much in my writing for that reason. I commend anyone who can do it.
      I have a couple of friends who are VERY literal people. I have to be careful using any sarcasm with them. It’s not quite as bad as talking to Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) but almost! LOL!
      As always.. thanks for stopping by Pamela! 🙂

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