I should be doing Algebra!!

I can actually do this!!

I can actually do this!!

No really! I should be doing Algebra homework. I have a test tomorrow and I still have a quiz I need to take online so I can get bonus points that can hopefully help me to stay within A range. Buuuuut I have gotten sidetracked for a moment reading the many blogs I follow and trying to get caught up. 🙂

Math has never been an easy subject for me but this in the 4th semester I have taken a math class and so far I have made A’s. WOOHOO! I have found, as an adult student, that A’s are profoundly important to me. It isn’t enough to just be pretty good and pass the class with a good grade. NO… I want an A! Dangit! I made ok grades in college the first time around but I can say I learned more about life than I did humanities back then.

I so wish I had taken school more seriously when I was young. You know that whole 20/20 hind vision thing? Well I have perfect clarity in looking back on the monumental mistakes I made when I had my priorities a little (uhm ok! A LOT) messed up. But new found freedom of literally having no one to be accountable to but myself, was intoxicating. I went to class (most of the time) but it didn’t take much to change my mind if I was too sleepy, hung over or simply too lazy to go. Somehow I managed to pass most of them but I felt guilty later when I skipped with no valid reason. Going now is not redemption, it is something I truly enjoy doing. It is not acceptable to me now to skip or even be late. I feel it is disrespectful to the teacher and to myself when I don’t take school seriously. Have fun…but remember why you are there!

I like learning new things. My brain was turning to mush and I needed the stimulation of putting new and positive things in my head. I like making new (young) friends and interacting with other adults. I am too old to get caught up in the drama but they know they can trust me and ask me for advice when they need it. I am as surprised as anyone they treat me like one of the gang. Teenagers do not trust adults easily….

I have a blessed life and a wonderful supportive hubby who allows me to follow my dream of acting and theater. And great friends who come watch me “act up” on stage. I appreciate the support I have from those who are there. Thanks! You guys ROCK!! 🙂

12 thoughts on “I should be doing Algebra!!

  1. I’m with you! I hated math in high school and college. But as a high school tutor, I’ve had to attend (and teach!) algebra to my students, and found out that algebra is actually fun. Like an intellectual puzzle. Fortunately I didn’t have to get tested on it, though. I respect you so much for going back to school and getting your A’s. Congrats!!


    • Thanks… It has been a challenge. I didn’t do as well on my first test as I wanted to. I feel better about stuff we are covering now though. I love going back to school. I am in the Fall production which is a children’s play about Johnny Appleseed. We open next week for several elementary schools in the area. So far we have 5 performances planned. It is great fun! 😀


    • Aw thanks Robert! The fact is… this morning I could write this exact same blog!! I should be doing homework and a quiz right now! But no…..I’m reading emails and blogs! HA HA!! I hope you are having an awesome day! 🙂


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