In the Shadow……

In the shadow of the day
I sit in the quiet and pray
I pray for peace and understanding
That formidable foe unwavering
Love at a moment long lost
Of the time we shared now gone
I grieve for memories of sweet
Even those of sorrow and regret
Just to feel again the numbness now there
Your heartbeat and love we shared
The cold that sits on the glass
Of bubbles from wine gone flat
Where you laughed at me and my silly hat
With the dawn shining at my back
You wanted a photo to remember me by
I said I wasn’t going to let you try
Pictures only capture a moment
Of time that is deceptive
Since it could have and probably did
Change on a dime and then was lost
Where or where have you gone my sweet
Come back come back I miss you
‘Til again we meet….

19 thoughts on “In the Shadow……

  1. Losing someone is devastating, whether you lose them through death, or through the end of a friendship, it is still very hard. Your poem encapsulates that perfectly. Sad and well written Courtney.


    • Thanks Sandra….it was written about someone who has passed that was once loved. However, I wrote it with the thought of several who have passed recently… my closest and dearest friend has lost 2 very important people in her life this summer a month apart. Then others, you know? Like Robin Williams…etc. When someone passes it leaves such a whole in our heart 😦

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    • Thanks Robert. I didn’t really have any one person in mind when I wrote this. I had several deaths in a short few weeks and I was melancholy. There are several loved ones without loved ones this Christmas Season and that makes me sad. I was in my hometown over Thanksgiving and felt nostalgic. (not enough to ever move back) but I have many on my heart… :-/


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