THIS my friends is a book published by my dear friend Julie Kolb! It is on Kindle/Amazon as an eBook and a sweet one written for her grand daughter! Please take a look…you’ll be glad you did! 🙂

by julie kolb

snowball cover shot

Snowball is the title of my first book.  Snowball is a children’s easy reader, first chapter book.  My best illustrations are included.

It was written for my granddaughter. It is a very late birthday present.  (Available as an ebook Kindle edition on Amazon now.) Two years in the making.

My childhood friend Lisa stuck with me through many re-writes. After all the mud-pies we made as children, I shouldn’t be surprised she stuck with me from beginning to end. Thank you, Lisa.

I was inspired by my granddaughter, not just the story idea, but also in what type of book and what it was to become.  You see, she is sweet, smart, and a big help.  She likes to understand things.

I wanted to not just write her a little story, but also something helpful.  That is where the idea for an early reader chapter book came to mind.  Reading…

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