The Irish Wedding

irish goblets
Green and Black
Purple and Gold
The day of promise
A vow is told

The Groom in kilts
A Bride in white
The aisle they walked
A stunning site

Irish maid past
Now given to share
The Man of her dreams
A life declared

They blessed the claddaghs
And gave their heart
To say forever
Til death we part

The cake is cut
And glasses raised
The toast of joy
Their loved ones praised

They danced a jig
And played a tune
Then drank to love
The month of June

14 thoughts on “The Irish Wedding

  1. I read it first time on the fly, off my phone. Delightful. The tone, and meaning stayed with me for days. Excellent and perfect aren’t sharp and brilliant enough words for it. Like fine crystal, it pings.

    Liked by 1 person

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