The Broken Heart…



The Broken Heart

“There’s nothing wrong with your heart.” Said the doctor to the patient.
“But there has to be something wrong!” said the patient to the doctor.
“Well, we have done every cardiac test available. We have even done an MRI, chest x-ray and an ultrasound. Short of open heart surgery, we can’t find anything.”
“Then why does it hurt so much?” she asked
“Broken hearts do not show physical signs. It will just take time to heal.”
“I don’t believe you! What if I die? Will they know why?”
“They will know…….” Said the doctor “they will know…”

12 thoughts on “The Broken Heart…

  1. Ah ! Bitten by love and broken by shards of wishes…. Broken hearts don’t show physical signs for sure but yes they will know…..
    The whole story was so sweet and told in a very cute way. Love it.


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