Letter home…


May 17, 1944

My Dearest Sarah,

I awoke this morning with your lovely face on my mind, as I do every day. I received your letter yesterday and the smell of lilacs reminded me of the day we were married. I still marvel at the fact you said yes knowing I had enlisted. I wish we had been together more than 10 days before I had to leave you.

The war rages on. I hear the sounds in my mind even when it is quiet outside. The noise I can sleep through these days amazes me. When I get home, the sound of you breathing will be a welcome change.

I miss you more each day but I have your picture to look at when I feel the most lonely. Knowing I have you and Todd to come home to gets me through the hours. I cannot wait to see my beautiful son when I return. I am sure he has your eyes. I know he will change so much before I get to hold him.

I have to close now my darling, breakfast waits in the mess tent. I love you with all my heart.

Your loving husband,
Keith Jernigan

This was inspired by the Sunday Photo Fiction. A story challenge using 200 words based on the picture provided. If you would like to play along, please follow the link above or click the icon below. Enjoy! 🙂

Sunday Photo Fiction

13 thoughts on “Letter home…

    • Thank you! I actually got the idea from the anniversary and from a play I did at Christmas about a soldier trying to get home to his family for the holidays. It was very moving and had a happy ending! 🙂


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