Note to Self….

Dear Courtney,
(yeah, yeah I know, it’s not your real name but keep reading)

Hi there….this is me/you from the future. You are in the 8th grade today and sitting in Mr. Owen’s Social Studies class. This thought just crossed your mind “I am in the 8th grade and I bet I will be a senior in high school before I know it. Wonder what that is going to be like?” Girlfriend, you have no idea!

Time will go by at an even faster pace than you thought it would. It is now 2014 and you/I are 50 years old. This thought that you/I had seems like just a few years ago, not decades. Remember when Granny Hattie and Papaw say “The older you get, the faster it goes?” Well, believe them! It’s true!

So many things are going to come along in your life and you will have a few regrets. But all those things will come together to make you the person you are today. Without them, you may not have seen the things you have or met the wonderful people who are now part of your life. And there are many and life is good! (now)

I would like to tell you a few things about the future. Even though you see me as older than dirt, I am YOU so listen up! It may not change anything, but at least you will know what’s coming.
You do have great insight at such a young age. It’s too bad you won’t always listen to that still, small voice, but you will when it counts. This will not only save your sanity, it will save your life.

It’s going to get rough. You are going to have a few years where you will not like who you are, what you are or where you are going. But you will change that line of thinking. Continue to seek out wise people for advice. This will help turn that around.

Take your education seriously. It will serve you so much better than blowing off class. (Trust me!)

You will fall in love…more than once. You will get married and you will have a beautiful daughter who will make you proud but will also frustrate you to no end. That whole thing about “what goes around, comes around?” yeah… it is true!

You are an incredible person with so much to give. Never ever forget that! Always be kind to yourself. You deserve the best life has to offer. Do not let ANYONE tell you anything any different. When you hear those words (and you will hear them) try not to listen!

Always be true to yourself and live your life as authentically as you can! Show people the “real” you. There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Make it count! You are worth it!!

All my love,
(it’s our pen name now, cool huh?):-)

This was an inspiration from The Daily Post Writing 101, Day Fourteen…..To Whom It May Concern. If you want/need something to provoke an idea to write about, click on the link above! The daily challenge is a great way to get inspired! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Note to Self….

    • Thank you Diane and thank you so much for stopping by!! This was a little difficult to write believe it or not. I had to think about it as if I were like a mom or big sister talking to myself. I’m not very kind to “me” sometimes…… 😦


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