There’s aww snake under da bed!

I was telling this story on a recent visit home and thought it might be a good one to share.

We have a tall Victorian bed that sits about 3 ½ foot off the floor. Well, the top of it is anyway. Not quite tall enough for a step stool but I certainly might need one someday. From the floor to the bottom of the bed is a space of almost a foot and our Yorkie likes to lie under there when he isn’t on top of the bed. We have steps that lead up to the top of the bed so he can get up there on his own, he just prefers to be under the bed sometimes.

One day my hubby was going to lie down and rest his eyes for an hour or so and the Yorkie always takes naps with dad. He asked me if “Pookie” was under the bed so I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. I then promptly sat up and said, “Nope, no dog, but there is a snake under the bed!” (I know this may be hard to believe but I really did say it quite calmly even though my voice was a little high) For all you girls out there….I am not afraid of snakes or spiders. I don’t want them in my house, but I am not terrified of them.

My husband sat up and said, “WHAT??? Are you kidding me?”

I bent over and looked again and said, “Yep! There is a snake under the bed!”

He then jumped up from the bed and took a look for himself. “Well, you are right, there IS a snake under the bed!” He was a little more animated than I was but neither of us freaked out.

“I told ya!” I said as I got on top of the bed and stayed there until he got something from the garage and killed it. But not until he closed the bedroom door so the other animals did not find it first!
Now, it was just a baby snake, only about 6 inches long. It was alive and wriggling its way across the floor. Had it been a 4 FOOT snake I might not have been so calm! LOL!
Sidebar: he killed it only because we have 2 dogs and a kitty and had no way of catching it. Otherwise he would have and taken it out into the woods and let it go.

I should mention it had probably gotten in via the French doors we had standing wide open. We live in a subdivision with lots of trees around us, however, snakes are not a common occurrence. And yes, I still keep my doors open. We live in Texas and nice cool days are rare, so we open our doors and windows as often as we can. Haven’t seen any more snakes but I have house geckos once in a while. They are harmless and like to eat mosquitoes so I leave them be. I also leave spiders alone in my yard for the same reason.

I do love living in the woods!:-)

16 thoughts on “There’s aww snake under da bed!

    • Yeah…If it had been any bigger, I would not have been so calm! LOL! I friend of mine from high school responded to my story on Twitter and said she would have to move! ha ha ha! I don’t have too many phobias……mine are a little irrational, like the fear of dying by choking to death.


  1. YesohmyGodYes! A baby…and I’m in Texas too! How weird is that? I have never ever seen a snake on my texas property in *cough-fortythreeyears-cough* a very long time. I guess I am glad to know that it’s not that rare of an occurrence, though.


    • Uhm… no, but I am not afraid of snakes. I personally do not want a snake as a pet but if someone has one, more power to them as long as they are responsible owners and take good care of them. I don’t want a snake in my house either!
      I think Spiders are the coolest! I usually have at least one (last summer I had two) beautiful garden spiders. Not only do I leave them be, I buy crickets and feed them! REALLY! If one should end up in my house, I would find a way to catch her and take her outside. Now, I will kill others that are poisonous. I’m not stupid! I have dogs. I also kill the scorpions that find their way into my house! Ick! But I live in the woods and this is their domain. 🙂

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      • I try to save spiders and release them, too. I don’t know if we have any poisonous spiders here up north, but the prospect of encountering a scorpion seems kind of cool!

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      • No… you don’t want those buggers in your house! They are awful poisonous. I have to be extra careful because of my animals. I had never seen a live one until we moved back to East Texas a few years ago, now we have a special powder put in our attic to keep them away! They are usually really small…only about 2 inches long. But they can make a bad place if you are ever stung! 😦


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