Cabin Fever

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.
Cabin Fever
“What time is it now? 1:30? Really? This is the longest day! What DAY is it?” his thoughts drift as he swivels back and forth.

He hangs up his headset and gets out of his chair and goes to the restroom. “Shouldn’t have had that second glass of tea at lunch.” he says out loud to no one.

The days are getting longer as summer approaches. The sun is shining outside and he can see deer from his desk window. “There goes a rabbit! Wouldn’t it be cool to be a rabbit!” he is daydreaming again…

Looking out the window he says into the headset ‘Yes, yes I’m listening….you said you wanted to order _____ …uh huh, yes I understand….’

“Hm…I am hungry again, maybe we could go to Villa Montez for dinner tonight” he thinks.

That voice is in his ear again… ‘Sure, I think that is something we can consider, although maybe you should think about _____..uh huh….’ the other person drones on and on.

“Goodness I can’t seem to get anything done today! Why can’t I concentrate!?”

“I think it’s called Cabin Fever!” I yell from the other room.

My hubby who works from home is feeling a little stir crazy I think. But he has a great job and is able to work from home so he can’t really complain…much :-)

3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

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  2. I like this post! 🙂 Maybe I should also write a post on my boyfriend’s thoughts… That would be fun 😀 And different. Usually my blog is all about me, myself and I 😀


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