Only the good die young…

Or so it has been said many times by many people. This statement does hit home when a prom date has passed away and he was only 53 years old. On the same day his obit was in the paper, there was another one of a lady I knew who was only 57. Add to that a 24 year old, 32, 41, 27, 18 and 51… all in the paper in one day. Of course there was an assortment of 89, 101, 78 and 92 as well. When did 57 and 53 become “young people”? The day I turned 30 I think. As we get older, age has a different meaning.
old age

Why do I read the obits? I used to ask my mother that exact same question when I was “young”. In fact I teased her about it. She would always say, “I know someone in there a lot of the time and it may be the only way I find out”. The sad part is, now I can say the exact same thing. I read my home town paper online every day. My father says he looks at the obits to make sure he isn’t in there! LOL! I am blessed to still have both of my parents alive and well 🙂
obit cartoon
Since I am no longer on Facebook, I keep track of happenings and things going on with the local government, festivals and area schools by reading the paper. It is usually the only way I have to find out what is going on “at home”. People assume you will see it on Facebook or Twitter. Uhm….nope. And I refuse to reactivate my account on FB so I can keep up with current events. I figure if it is something important enough for me to know I will see it in the news or read it in the paper or someone will tell me. I care if someone I know has passed. If they are not a family member, I may not know any other way. (hmm…now where have I heard THAT before?) It kind of keeps me in the loop. But I also care deeply about things that may impact my family and friends. I also recognize this makes me unique. Most people don’t care anymore.
Facebook I don't care
I like being able to send someone a card, make a call or send a text just to let them know I am aware of their pain OR to celebrate with them. Sometimes there are good things that happen and people just need to know someone has made a little extra (sincere) effort. I enjoy being that person. We get so busy in our daily lives it is easy to let others slip away. That “Out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing happens to all of us, including me! By no means do I remember everyone, but I try.
Out of sight out of mind - Idiom
It is a fine line to walk….be there for others, but do not let yourself be consumed by THEIR lives. Protect your own psyche and stayed energized by surrounding yourself with positive people who can also feed you. The way to have friends is to BE a friend. If you want people to do things for you, sew that seed into someone else’s life. Always look for ways to serve someone else first. It will be paid back 10 fold. This is my journey right now….won’t you come with me? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Only the good die young…

  1. I would, but my cows are hungry.
    I’m kidding, I don’t play Farmville. Seriously, I have thought about it. I take Facebook breaks often. I miss the old days, when my friends called my house. I love this post. 🙂


    • Yep…me too! I had an interesting experience last week. My 6 yr old niece called me from KY and asked if I would send her a TX post card for a class project. I said, “SURE! No problem! I will be happy to!” HA! I literally went to 10 places here in town and called 4 more…NO ONE HAD A POSTCARD! I had to drive 30 min away to find one! No exaggeration…no kidding! (I didn’t tell her that) but a friend in FL said she had a hard time finding one too (auntie called friends in other states and countries for project ;-)…doesn’t anyone write letters anymore? Apparently not 😦
      I think I have a new mission……. ~


  2. No Evilbook for me, either. I am amazed the people it has assimilated, though… people at work who I wouldn’t even think would know how to turn a computer on, let alone use some social media site….


    • I know, right? I am surprised by some people too. But I have also known A LOT of folks who had a page once upon a time but have deactivated their account. I’m just to a point in my life where other things are much more important 🙂


  3. I have heavily edited my fb “friends”, including deleting family members, which helped keep my sanity and page up…for now.


  4. I did that so often that I couldn’t remember who I had as friends. When I would disappear for months at a time I rarely got an email or text that said..Hey where are u? You ok? Or my favorite…did you block me or something? Seriously? It created stress in my marriage too…some things are just not worth it! You know?


  5. So many thoughtful things in this post. Number one, I write ‘real’ letters and cards to my friends/relatives all the time. I know they like it, but it also makes me feel good. I love finding JUST the right card for each person. It takes time and personalization, which is why it’s so special. Number two, a high school friend (who I admit I re-met through fb) asked me to send a postcard for her niece (just like yours) and it was fun to find the just-right postcard showing off our part of the world, and sending it off to the other part of the country. And number three, yes, fb can be waaayyy too much. I have had success connecting with people about my blog and books and so far it hasn’t become intrusive. But yes, I have to be careful, and it can be a pain – so good for you!


    • Thanks Pam!! That is so true. I take the time to still send cards for birthdays and special occasions. I haven’t written a “real” letter in a while but one of the other blogs I read said she was going to make it a goal this year to send one a week to friends and loved ones just to tell them how much she appreciates them and loves them. I thought that was awesome 🙂
      I have had to let some friends go… I have written a piece about one in particular that was difficult but I haven’t had the courage to post it yet. Still a little raw from it, you know?
      I love doing special things for people and I will usually go above and beyond the call when asked. I had fun with my niece… I am so blessed to have my family and friends! 🙂


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