Illusion Self-Portrait Goes Viral!!!

This is a phenomenal young lady! I am so inspired by her it makes me want to buy a camera!!! Please please look at her photos….they will blow you away!! 🙂

Invisible by Laura Williams

Invisible by Laura Williams

This is a link to Laura Williams “Flickr Moment”. She is an 18 year old girl from Cambridge, England.

6 thoughts on “Illusion Self-Portrait Goes Viral!!!

    • I agree…she is awesome! I watched the Flickr video like 4 times! I am so amazed someone so young has such an incredible imagination and creative eye. Like Rosie Hardy..another young lady that Maroon 5 discovered and used her photo on their album cover! I love Flickr blog! 🙂


      • I’ve never been on there. I am not ready to open up too much at the moment yet though. It took some doing to start Facebook again.


      • Flickr is totally addicting…maybe best you stay away for now! HA HA! Although your pics are every bit as good as some I have seen on there. I, on the other hand, avoid FB like the plague! It is totally bad news for me! Drama and political, religious, and personal agendas? No thanks….I do not miss it one iota! 🙂


Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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