The Horse….

Monty and Ranger © Kathryn Forbes

Monty and Ranger
© Kathryn Forbes

A Horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves-strong, powerful, beautiful-and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence…..Pam Brown

selfish grace abounds
beauty is show of splendor
dreams are our escape

This is my first post for the first Haibun Thinking – a new Haibun Writing Challenge.
If you are interested follow the link below and try your hand 🙂

Haibun Thinking Writing challenge

23 thoughts on “The Horse….

  1. I like that. It’s how my sister sees things. (the photographer of those two) She sees hers as her escape. She rescued two and took them from terrified foals to beautiful ponies, and is getting them ready to be ridden. Her horses are what keep her sane.

    Thank you

    (yep, there it is lol)


    • And this picture is beautiful…..interesting enough, our daughter is the horse person in this family. NOT ME! We have custody of her mare MeMe for the time being. However the horse is boarded at a wonderful facility nearby. She is a thoroughbred and the best horse ever! 🙂


      • I have never been a horse person, I tried to be once, back in 1989. I even got a job in a stables. They asked us to take the horses out for a ride, I said yes, went out with the others and ended up on my face. I gave up after that. lol My sister did try and get me riding again, but I was too scared of them. So I just take photos of hers now 🙂

        She has a Dartmoor Hill Pony, a New Forest Pony and … a different one lol. The different one is one she has on loan at the moment


    • Thanks jules! And thanks for stopping by. I agree 100%, it is never wise to jack around with a baking recipe until you know it very, very well. Rules are there for a
      I think horses are one of the most incredible animals! Their power and majesty is breathtaking. I can ride…..I just choose not to. But the daughter is a true honest to goodness horse woman. She has been sitting on one since she was 3 and doesn’t know it is supposed to be any other way. There was a time she wanted to be a jockey…(God intervened on that one thank goodness!) But she could have been great! The body sized and physical strength, just not the spirit of ruthlessness that has to be present. She was riding multi-million dollar mounts and exercising them “for fun” at 14, 15 and 16 *groan* with a family friend who races year round all over the country. I was so happy when she changed majors at school! But her baby (who resides in TX with us now) is a part of this family for the rest of her days 🙂


  2. Horses do indeed have something about them. I remember reading about the connection that the Lakota had to their horses once. Very powerful. Thanks for sharing the Pam Brown quote.


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