Sunday Photo Fiction: Lost or Found?

Every week a wonderful fellow blogger Alastair allows us an opportunity to be a part of Sunday Photo Fiction you take a photo he provides and come up with a short story 100-200 words that is inspired by the photo. This is my very first attempt…..more to come I hope!
Click on the link above to see other entries or take part of it yourself. Have fun! 🙂
helicopter and boat

“They’re here, they’re here!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!” Tony shouted.

Tina rolled over on the makeshift bed of palm leaves and looked at Tony’s flushed face with wild hair standing on end. “Who’s here? What are you talking about?”

“They found us! We are going to be rescued!”

Tina had heard this before. She was so tired of Tony’s delusions. They had been stranded on this God forsaken rock for almost a year. The mirages had started the second night. Tony had woke her up in the middle of the night screaming the exact words she was hearing now. Only this time she heard it and saw it for herself. There was not only a boat off the shore but a helicopter hovering nearby.

They were finally going home after 11 months when their boat had lost power and they drifted for days until coming to rest on this island. Everyone must think they are dead by now.

Then she closed her eyes and opened them again trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

Wait! Where did they go?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Lost or Found?

  1. I LIKE it. Al’s question is a scary one. If Tony isn’t real, maybe Tina isn’t either, but she just doesn’t know it! Great short short story inspired by the photo. I do these kinds of exercises in my creative writing classes – we all love them.


Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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