It is Time to Be Well….

I have spent a good part of two days getting caught up on all my emails, blogs, paperwork and general computer stuff that has had to take a back seat to my coughing, aching body, stuffy head, sneezing and fevered body. On the upside I have now watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and can say I am part of the hordes of people who are hooked on said show. It is, without a doubt, a new genre for me because I gave up soap operas years ago. Downton Abbey can’t really be called a soap opera in the traditional sense because there are no overtly provocative scenes and people only sleep with the ones they are married to. I made the mistake, however, of reading a review of season three and someone felt it was pertinent to talk about all the things that happened and who died without a SPOILER ALERT in the subject line. I am crushed and not sure if I want to venture further down the path of the next misadventures of the Crawley’s lives and what is sure to make me cry. (I hate to cry)

I was able to take the time to read through blogs that clogged my INBOX and respond to my favorite ones (even though it was a few days late) but alas I could not bring myself to just delete the words of my fellow bloggers. I had to know what was being said about the holiday season and their take on this time of year. I usually say something to the effect of “ I would jump from the day before Thanksgiving to Jan 2 if it were up to me.” I know! I am a scrooge…..of sorts. I just dislike the “holiday season” with a passion. I love what Christmas is SUPPOSED to be about, but I do not like what it has become. The commercialism and Black Friday are not why we celebrate but it has become all people think about.

There is so much stress involved with where Thanksgiving is going to be held, who will be there, who is bringing what, who had it last year….etc etc! Then Christmas is the same questions only added to it is how many gifts do I have to buy, who is coming, what did I spend last year, who bought me something this year….it is so stressful! I do not put up a tree or hang a wreath on the door. I do not put lights on my house or adorn my bathroom with green and red soaps. I just don’t care anymore 😦

My daughter doesn’t live at home anymore and there are no grandchildren to have Santa fun with sooo…no Christmas at my house. My hubby and I do not buy gifts for each other but we do make the effort to buy for the unfortunate ones who would not have a Christmas otherwise. We take an angel off the trees at Wal-Mart and get everything on the list, buy things for the Salvation Army and Homeless shelters and I have adopted kids of prisoners for the last two years. There is something to be said for the less fortunate ones who are without this time of the year.  My problem is with those who only give THIS time of the year. Those in need have needs in July too. When you are only giving because it is the expected thing to do and you feel the need to make yourself feel better about what YOU have, you have missed something vital. I think it is important to give year round…not just at Christmas.

We do the family thing and I truly love having my family around me and entertaining but not let’s not do it JUST during the holidays but all the days…… Fellowship is important and we like to have our friends over to hang out, eat and get to know each other.  

Let’s make homemade pizza or have a big family breakfast with all the trimmings and love on each other….no matter what day it is! 🙂


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