Fun with Ed…

Love silly games….here is an awesome blog!!

Pouring My Art Out

Do you know Ed Hotspur? If you don’t, you should. Every time I talk to that guy, I get crazy ideas. I mean crazy ideas even for me.

Just today, whilst chatting with Ed in the comment threads, I was struck by two silly notions.

1. We should all pick a day to play the following game: We choose one letter on the keyboard, and for the rest of the day, nobody can type that letter. I don’t even remember how the comment thread with Ed started, but it ended with me explaining how the ‘N’ key on my keyboard no longer says ‘N’. The ‘N’ had rubbed off. I think I must use the ‘N’ too much. So I typed Ed a comment with no ‘Ns’ in it. But I specifically used lots of words that have an ‘N’ in them. And I left the spaces in there where the ‘N’ would…

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Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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