I AM LEO! Hear me roar!



Today’s Observation:

“When all of the meek shall inherit the earth, where will all the Leos go?”

I wish I could remember where I read this. I would love to take credit for the line, but I can’t. It was in a book or magazine or something I have read over the years regarding Leos. I have known many Leos and well……..none of us can be accused of being meek!


It is my Astrology sign and to some degree I believe it is true and accurate because there are way too many similarities for me to not have SOME truth to it. Do I read my horoscope everyday and abide the rules of my life dependent on that? By no means….. But I do think the time of the year we are born might lend some faction to our personality. I have met many other Leos and we have a lot in common. Likewise with other signs, there are ones we are most compatible with for friends and partners. It is consistent for me to have friends with the same Astrological signs; ones who are most like-minded, with similar personality traits. There is a strange connection and chemistry. When you talk to couples or friends who get along really well, chances are very good they have compatible Astrological signs. And then if you have a conversation with people who seems to disagree a lot, they have a tendency to have incompatible signs. This is based on my personal observation. This is not always true of course, but it is the case more times than not.


Now… I do not believe you should base a relationship on whether or not you have compatible signs. It just seems to be the natural order of things to gravitate to the ones we are most attracted to. I think there is some truth to that old saying “Opposites Attract”. It is a metaphysical fact that you must have opposite polar ends for even a magnet to stick to one another. So the same must be true with human nature right? But there is something to be said about wanting someone in your life who compliments you, completes you and has the things in their life you want also. Even though they seem to be opposites, they have a great deal in common when it comes to cultural beliefs, morals, religion, hobbies and basic needs. Who wants to always be with someone they fight with? Although……. Nevermind, that is a subject for another day.


I, personally, gravitate to people who enrich my life. I like to learn and grow and experience new things and getting to know new people. I have a tendency to steer clear of those who suck life energy from me and who seem to be pessimistic a majority of the time. Most people do not want to be around someone who is negative ALL THE TIME! Ick……. If you are not helping that other person grow in some way, or you are not learning or adding something positive to your own life, find those who do. It will drain you! Find a way to feed yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. Yeah, yeah…for those who know me! Shut up! Do as I say, not as I do….OK?


I have had the privilege of knowing many people in several areas of the country. The North and South mostly since I have not actually lived in the West, but I have several friends who have migrated to Texas from the West Coast and I can discern, to some degree, what they encountered growing up in that region. I know couples who have successful marriages and ones who have struggled the entire time and usually end up in divorce for one reason or another. But for those who stay together (baring any unusual psychological issues) there are always a few reasons they make it and those reasons are consistent. The main one I hear is: “We just get along and we don’t fight very much and if we disagree on something, we talk about it” AHHH…that communication thing!!! OH that’s what it is??? Hmmmm….. who knew?


Well, experts have known for many generations and it has been written about, researched, talked about and has been the underlying problem in most relationships across the board. It isn’t just marriages, but ALL relationships, friendships, marriages, children/parenting, boss-employee, siblings…etc. If you want a good one, you must have trust and communication. You don’t always have to agree on things but learn to talk about what is on your mind and most of all learn to listen! This is a two-way street. Even if you may not like to hear what the other person says because it causes you pain. Consider the importance of that other person and whether or not you want them in your life. If they aren’t important enough to work on the relationship and communication…..then move on! Or learn to love them where they are and know you have been the best friend, co-worker, spouse, lover, mom, dad, sibling you are capable of being. Then find others to compliment your life. I have found, the more I give to someone, the less I focus on my needs and somehow my needs are met when I least expect it.


I think I need to qualify my statements with “We are talking about somewhat normal, average people” not ones who have serious psychological damage and need help because of abuse or trust issues.


That is a whole other matter and not one I am willing to delve into here. But having been that person, I can tell you from my experience you CAN learn to trust again and you CAN be healed and have great relationships with friends, your spouse, business partner, siblings and even children! Rock on…..


This is just my observation!


Question: What’s  your sign? *giggle*


Oh go ahead...you know you want to!! :-)

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