They Live up to their name!

Today’s Observation:

In the past week or so, I have cleansed my soul by crying…A LOT! It is very difficult to get over the loss of a pet. Some hurt more than others. We had a kitty that lived just shy of 16 years. He was an awesome cat! It hurt when he passed but nothing like now!

My husband grew up in a house of animals. I still can’t imagine what that must have been like. They did NOT live on a farm. They were in town…not “the city” but they had a house on a busy street right next door to other houses with lots of kids and parents who went to work every day. If I remember correctly….there were cats and dogs, a horse for a short time, snakes and turtles, hamsters and birds there was even a rabbit that was house broke and would bang on the door to be let out! Can YOU imagine?? A rabbit that ran around the house like a cat? It was a zoo! But apparently a very clean, well kept and organized zoo…that was what his mother insisted on.

I had…a dog! One dog…..her name was Princess and she was a collie. I loved her but she was kept outside and didn’t receive the amount of love that she should have 😦

We have had an animal of some kind since our daughter was 3. We got our first kitty (which was weird for me) when we were visiting my mother. I had never had a cat growing up. My grandmother had a cat for years and that was the only exposure I had to them. And her cats were not friendly or warm. Our kitty was named KK which was short for Krazy Kat. Here’s a hint: just like children, do not name something that is the opposite of what you want them to be! She absolutely lived up to her name. KK was my husband’s cat. Or rather, he was her human. She loved him and slept with him during the day when he worked nights. When that began to be a problem, my hubby would lock her out of the bedroom while he slept. Well, like any defiant child, she would promptly go into his office and pee on his chairs! No kidding! We had to throw the chairs away. There were two of them that were part of a sectional couch he had in his apartment before we were married. When she was two we gave her away the day before Thanksgiving. We could not have a destructive animal in the house.


Cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

That lasted until April. I left one day to go “run an errand”. When I returned, there was a kitten sitting on my shoulder. It was 8 weeks old and the cutest thing EVER! My husband could not believe that I went and bought another cat without discussing it with him. But I wanted another cat and I was afraid he would say no. THAT cat was Butterscotch and the one who lived to be almost 16 years old. He had nine lives…..A story for another day!

When we moved to Michigan our daughter decided Butterscotch needed a buddy. So we went to the humane society and got Sandy. He was 18 in May…sheesh! I think cats live forever! They were friends though and kept each other company until we moved to Missouri. That was when I decided to get a dog. Up to that point, I was not ready to put in the time it was going to take to have a dog the way we wanted. That was when we got out beautiful boy Nash…….

He came to our family during a very difficult time and was the bridge that mended a few gaps in relationships. I had decided to name him Nash Bridges after Don Johnson but then my husband suggested the rest of the name like the Jeopardy category called “Before and After” so he became Nash Bridges over Troubled Water. It fit perfectly because that was what he was! And he too lived up to his name…we had learned our lesson!

I miss him terribly and his bed still lies at my feet under my writing desk. I haven’t had the inclination to move it yet. Our tears have been many but we have awesome friends and support that have helped…..Thanks everyone! It means the world to me to know you guys understand how much we are hurting. Our other puppies Pookie and Parker are doing better. They are sad…..but acting a little more normal now. As for whether or not we will get another dog? Well……..God will have to take care of that one. If it is meant to be, he will provide what we need. My heart has grown a little bit bigger with all the watering 🙂

Question: What animals have you had that made you happy? If they are still around, give them a hug and pray for long happy lives…..that is all.

Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges

Bridge Over Troubled Water

…….Over Troubled Water

4 thoughts on “They Live up to their name!

    • I suppose they do… I miss my dog terribly and I swear I can hear him panting in the mornings around 6am when he used to wake me up to go out. It helps to have the other puppies though….
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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