All dogs go to heaven :-)

July 5, 2013

Nash Bridges Over Troubled Water passed away peacefully this morning at 6:30AM. He joins our other beloved puppy Bailey  in the big Dog Park in heaven.

Our beautiful boy was such a wonderful dog and he is greatly missed. He was born on March 4, 2000 and a part of our family for 13 incredible years. Nash lived a long and abundant life full of adventure, chasing squirrels, dancing for his treats, and loved long walks. He went on extended trips all the way to Michigan and even visited another country making friends everywhere he went! There is a little bit of him in the states of Missouri, Kentucky and Texas where he has lived and played.

He loved to play with his brothers Parker and Pookie who also feel his absence. His favorite pastime was to sleep the days away under the desk  at mom’s feet while she wrote. He loved to have his tummy tickled and ears scratched on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Nash was such a pleasure to have and we wouldn’t trade one minute of our time with him.

What an incredible gift from God he was! Thank you Lord for the gift of Nash and the amazing memories he provided to our family. We will love him with all our heart until we take our long walks again! 🙂My beautiful boy

2 thoughts on “All dogs go to heaven :-)

  1. Our furry family stay in our souls.. Rainbow Bridge was a comfort to read, Time heals in a gentle way. Thank you for following Mothernature isaman. Comment are welcomed with appreciation. Good wishes, Paulette


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