“Independence” Day?? I think not…..

Today’s Observation:

YAH! Independence Day! Right?? The 4th of July represents a few things in this family. The least of which is my wedding anniversary. We have been married 27 years and still counting 🙂

My husband always says he wanted to get married today because it is “independence” day….and I always say “How’s that working out for ya?” We laugh about it! But the reality is we got married on this day because schedules worked out that way to get family here and have time for a few days honeymoon before we had to return to work and school. We had been dating for almost a year but decided Memorial Day weekend to get married on the 4th of July. Since it was a short amount of time, we had a small ceremony with only close family and a few friends. I was able to get both my parents to Texas in time and have them there when we exchanged our vows.

The couple who stood up with us and were also responsible for getting us together. My hubby had grown up with them on the same street and had known them for many years. They introduced us at church during the summer the year before and we started dating a couple of months later.

Since we had such a short time to pull this thing together, they were both very instrumental in helping us make it happen. But we got it done with almost no catastrophes. The wedding went “almost” perfectly….unless you count my putting his ring on the wrong hand! Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

About a month after we are married we take our friends out to a nice steak house to celebrate and to say thank you. After the server brought our menus, my hubby’s best man is looking at us over his menu. Back and forth…back and forth until we finally say..”WHAT?”

His words, “I just can’t believe you guys are MARRIED!!”

We say, “Yeah, it went fast, can’t believe it is over and here we are.”

He looks at us back and forth again and says, “NO, I mean, I can’t believe you guys actually GOT MARRIED!!”

Now we were a little confused. “What do you mean by that?” I asked

After shaking his head for a second he says, “Man…I introduced you guys as a joke!”

“WHAT??” we both say at the same time.

His wife starts laughing and says, “Oh he doesn’t mean that!”

“YES I DO!” says he….”I thought you guys wouldn’t make it past your first date! I thought you would hate each other!”

“That’s not funny!”

“I’m not trying to be funny….I am serious! I never in a million years thought you guys would get married.”

What do you say to that? “Uh thanks?”

Awkward much?? We were speechless! Even his wife was surprised by what he said but she admitted she didn’t think we would get along but after we started dating she saw something different. We are still very good friends thank goodness but we have told this particular story many, many times! It’s a good one, don’tcha think?  See..originally he had tried to set up my roommate with my husband. Neither of them were really interested. Being cupid must not be his strong suit. I was the one who wanted to meet my hubby, so I asked the best man/friend to introduce us. The rest….as they say, is history!!

So, here we are 27 years later, the joke is on him I guess but…..it still isn’t funny :-/

4th of julywedding rings


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