Why Do I read?

Today’s Observation:

I have an overactive mind I suppose. That is what I have always been told. When I was 30 years old I was officially diagnosed with ADD. Although truth be told, it was probably ADHD when I was in school. I know! I know! There is a lot of controversy over what is called today. I often wonder what would have happened had we known what was “wrong” with me back then and I had the medication or at least the proper skills to deal with it. Maybe better grades?

It gets in my way today, but I have learned on my own how to get around my ADD with ability to make list and know my limitations. Staying on task has always been a challenge for me except when it comes to reading. I have always been able to sit for hours and read. Even as a young child I remember discovering Nancy Drew books and would ask for them for Christmas and birthdays or any other occasion when gifts are exchanged. I devoured them. If there were others I wanted, I saved my money and went to K-Mart and bought what I could afford. I eventually read all that were available when I discovered other books like The Hardy Boys and other classics until high school and college when specific reading became assignments. I would always do well in my English classes or with book reports because I had no problem reading the material unless I was bored. THEN…it was harder, but not impossible.

As an adult I have literally read hundreds of books now and I continue to read to enrich my thoughts, hone specific skills or just escape. My favorite book is still a good mystery and preferably something involving forensic science. Yes! I watch a lot of TV and I am totally addicted to NCIS and CSI. I like anything that is stimulating to the brain, makes me think and try to work something out. I love puzzles but I don’t do crosswords. Those are too hard….and we are not going to discuss Sudoku! LOL! Sometimes I like to veg out with a word find or word fill in. It keeps my brain working without having to work too hard….ha ha!

I do not usually read books AND see a movie. I do one or the other. I have a remarkable memory and if I read something before I see it, I know every change that has been made and what has been left out. The only time this has not been an issue is when I have gone several years between said book and movie. The first time I noticed this was reading a book by John Grisham and then going to see the movie a week later. Drove me crazy! It was still so fresh that I knew everything they had changed in the plot! I thought to myself “I will never do that again!” and I haven’t (on purpose). I have thoroughly enjoyed every Harry Potter movie for that very reason as well! 🙂

  Here are  just some of the authors I have enjoyed and highly recommend:books

Janet Conner (currently reading) Writing Down Your Soul

John Goff (Love Does)

John Grisham

Anne Perry (Monk Series)

Patricia Cornwell (Scarpetta)

David Baldacci (everything)

Catherine Coulter (FBI Series)

Kathy Reichs (Temperance Brennan)

Lee Child (Reacher)

John Sandford (everything)

Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark Hunter and Nick Gautier)

Stephen King (fantasy not horror) On Writing is one of my favs

Brene’ Brown (everything and then some!)

Lara Adrian

Darynda Jones

 To name a few….. Series books are my favorite because the author has time to truly develop a character and they become your friend. I always hate to see a series end because it is like losing an old companion. There are many stand alone books though. So whether you like to read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or just an old fashioned bound covered book, I recommend finding one today and a corner to escape to! 🙂

 Question: What is YOUR favorite book? owl reading

3 thoughts on “Why Do I read?

  1. I loved a couple of series that I read by Karen Kingsbury, also Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers; I also love to read self enrichment books by Christian authors like Beth Moore, Shannon Ethridge, Max Lucado, Phillip Yancey, etc…. 🙂
    I used to hate to read but as an adult, I love it!!!


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