My dog isn’t spoiled! I’m just well trained!!

Today’s Observation:

First of all my apologies dear followers….I have been neglect in my duties :-/

It is my intent to write a little something every day. I have been inconsistent in my discipline but I am working on that. Hence the exercise of having a blog. It gives me some accountability. I appreciate your support in following me and I promise to do better!

In my estimation there are about a billion things I could talk about, but today I think I will choose… with dogs! I have 3. There are 2 Springer Spaniels and a pint size Yorkie!

My oldest dog is Nash (aka Nash Bridges Over Troubled Water) yes that is his official registered name!! and yes I am a Don Johnson fan LOL! He is 13 years old and still going. I guess that is what happens when you actually choose to take your dog to the vet and keep them healthy. When we got him, it was a thoughtful decision. I wanted a dog and I wanted a Springer. My friend had one and I fell in love with the breed. Maggie was an awesome dog! Loved the way she looked, behaved and best of all, she didn’t shed. Springers have hair very similar to a human. It is fur of course, but soft.  When I announced to my girlfriend what I planned to do, her exact words were “You have no clue what you are getting yourself into! Are you SURE you want a Springer?? Maggie is old, calm and well trained. She is NOTHING like a Springer puppy!” I told her I had been reading about them, talked to other owners and had done extensive research. Yes! I KNOW exactly what I am doing!! HA HA! Yeah……..NO, not so much! She was right! I had no clue what I was getting myself into! He was a wonderful puppy though and very, VERY hyper! But I was patient, took him to training, walked him every day and read everything I could get my hands on! I did all the right things…..found a breeder, bought all the right toys, food and a kennel. It took me all of 3 months to figure out he needed a “friend” to keep him company and work off some of that energy.

By now I had found out that Springer rescue was very high. 😦 People (who didn’t know what THEY were getting) would find Springers hard to manage. English Springer Spaniels are traditionally used as hunting dogs. They are part of the hunting breed in dog shows. These dogs are considered “bird dogs” or “flushers” which means they “spring” the prey and cause the birds to fly. They can also be taught to retrieve the birds once they have been shot. People I know who use them for hunting love the breed. But these dogs are active and they need a job! Enter: Bailey! I rescued Bailey from Kansas City, MO. He was 7 months old and I got him through a regional coordinator out of St Louis. He was precious and we loved him. Unfortunately we only had him until he was 3 (that’s another story I will not tell here….maybe another day) When we lost Bailey, God brought us another wonderful Springer, Parker (aka Jazzin Charlie the bird dog Parker) I know…we give our dogs weird names! He is now 8 years old and also very healthy, sweet and loyal. He is the favorite at the vet’s office. We have had a tough year trying to figure out what was wrong with his tummy but we “think” we now know it was a food allergy. Sidebar: did you know it is just as expensive to give a dog a colonoscopy as it is a human?? Anyway, everything is good now!

Then we have Pookie (aka Quincy, registered name but we have never called him that!) I know…..simple huh? He is my nervous breakdown of 2008. I always tell people I have no idea what I was smoking when I decided to get a lap dog!! Although, my 60lb Springers already think THEY are lap dogs LOL! He is a joy and a lot of fun. Even though he was initially MY dog, he has adopted my hubby and now we say he is Pookie’s human! But as we say…our dogs are not spoiled, we are just well trained! The older dogs play with him and they are both good big brothers.

I can’t imagine my life without my dogs. They complete us and are an essential part of our every day life. We also have a Very old cat! His name is Sandy and he is 18 years old. I think that cat is going for the world record. Again, very healthy and you would never know he was that old by looking at him. But once he is gone, I think we are done with kitties. I do not like having to take care of a litter box and he DOES shed! I hate the fur everywhere and he is not a snuggle bunny. Our other kitty was and I miss him, but this is daughter’s cat (who is away at college) therefore I am obligated to take care of him.

Our lives do revolve to some degree around our dogs, but that is our choice. They are more than just animals to us and I know people who feel the same way about their animals also. Right now, it fits in our life and I really don’t care if other people do or do not understand. If they don’t, I feel bad for them and their inability to understand the importance of the richness a dog can bring to their lives……..they are truly missing out!

It is a somewhat exciting existence around here! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Question: What animals have you had that bring/or brought joy to your life?

Yes....we got this shot with only one try! (ha ha)

Yes….we got this shot with only one try! (ha ha)

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