What do you mean my email isn’t valid???

Today’s Observation:

Your email is not valid! Really?? I have been using this email address for…oh I don’t know, 10 years! Of COURSE it’s valid! I check it again..yep! It’s typed exactly the correct way. I delete it and do it again 5 more times before giving up.

Here is what happened:

I am trying to order something online. I will not say the name of this particular company because it turns out there is simply a programming error. So nice to know it was not me and I was not having a brain fart and suddenly forgot the email I have had for the last 10 years. Guess what the issue was! I had hit TAB instead of using my mouse to move to the next field.

Most of us who can type have a tendency to use the TAB key to move from one information field to another. However, did you know that if a web site does not have THEIR software set up properly, hitting the TAB key puts an invisible character in the field?? Therefore it tells their system you have inserted an invalid character and thus, have an invalid email. I made this little discovery quite by accident one day when I was on another website trying to set up a new account. My TAB key actually would not work on it so I had to move from one field to another by using my mouse. It gave me a message telling me I was hitting an “invalid” key when I tried to use TAB. The “clicks” kind of fell into place and I thought maybe that had been the issue with the other account I had tried to set up the day before. So….to test my theory, I went BACK to said account/website and tried putting my information in again. Only this time I moved to each field using my mouse. It worked perfectly! I thought that it couldn’t be that easy so I also discussed this with an IT friend of mine…his response: I can’t believe you figured that out!! But yeah…that is what is happening! hmmm…I not so dumb after all! LOL!

Frustration abounds when you put in your email address over and over and over again and you KNOW it is correct and the web site keeps telling you it is invalid. This can then result in phone calls to customer support, angry emails…horrible reviews of said web site or company. After all, the customer service person is most likely NOT an IT person and therefore assume YOU are the problem and maybe you just do not know how to type in an email?? Bless your heart…REALLY? Uhm…no! I am not an idiot (contrary to popular belief by some people) and I absolutely DO know how to type in my email address. Chances are pretty good that you are not one either. After all, you have the where with all to get on a computer and read a blog, right?? 🙂

So my advice:

Next time this happens to you, try this! Type in your email, make sure the curser is at the end of the last letter or number in your email and then use your mouse to move to the next field. DO NOT USE THE TAB KEY!!!! Chances are pretty good, you will be able to get your information into all of the correct fields with no more problems. There by putting frustration aside or going to another web site or calling someone to yell at them. It will do you no good! Believe me, high blood pressure and getting your panties in a wad ain’t worth it! Since I have made this discovery I have not had any more issues with any web site and I order things online, pay all my bills, have 2 blogs I contribute to and 4 email accounts.

Waaallaaaa!! Problem solved!

Question #1 What has frustrated you to high blood pressure only to find it had a simple fix?

invalid email

12 thoughts on “What do you mean my email isn’t valid???

    • I know, right??? It has alleviated many headaches since then! But after I spent 4 hours (I’m not joking) on the phone with Chase IT people one day, I think we were ALL about to stroke. It did not make sense how one time it would work, the next time it wouldn’t. OMG!! We changed my password 4 times…LOL! and still didn’t figure it out! It was about 3 weeks later I accidentally stumbled onto the problem! :-/


  1. Great info but what do ya do if you have the same problem doing it on your phone like I do. Sometimes it works but other times its saying invalid email it’s very frustrating especially when they is no going any further


    • That is an interesting question. I haven’t heard of that on a phone. That sounds like a software problem though. It probably has something to do with the mobile app you are using not liking your phone. Have you tried it on a desktop or laptop to see if it will go through?


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