Do you believe in magic?

Today’s Observation:

“Oh My God! Look!!! …it’s my CAR! They have put it on the show room floor! And it has a gold package added to it just like I WANTED!” My husband cringed at my outburst because the art of negotiation just flew out the window on the wings of my excitement.

As the salesman rubs his hands together and looks up at the sky he thinks “Thank you Jesus! Today I am going to make a sale because that poor guy is NOT about to leave here without that car!”

I ran up to “my” car and touched the hood of it where the pretty gold emblem shined. I had seen this very car on the parking lot only two days before and thought to myself if it just had the gold package on it, this would be the exact car I want. Well, from my lips to God’s ears? That is exactly what was waiting for us when we went to the dealership that day.

Let me back up just a little bit. I have had two other new cars before this. The first one was a Taurus and I dearly loved that car. It was a great vehicle and saw us through many things. But when we moved to another state and I had a job, I decided to buy a Camry. A red one to boot… was beautiful and I liked that car a lot. I didn’t love it like the Taurus but it was fun to drive and I enjoyed it. It was also a great car. But my all time “dream” car was a Lexus ES300. I would salivate when I saw one driving down the road. I really didn’t think we would ever own one, much less drive it off the show room floor. But that was indeed what I got to do that day. It was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever had. I have another car now but my little green Lexus is still running around the state of TN and doing well from what I have been told.

Let me tell you why I no longer own my car………….

Once upon a time, I had a friend in college who owned a “magical” 1976 Camaro. It was his first car and he had bought it with his own money from working summers during high school.  It was bright yellow with black interior. It was a cool ride and fit his personality perfectly. On his way home from college for Christmas break he hit a patch of ice and slid down a guard rail on the interstate. It was still drivable so he was able to make it the rest of the way home. He had 2 of his friends in the car with him and fortunately no one was hurt. However, he left the car at home and drove his dad’s El Camino back to school.  After it was fixed, his dad traded it in on a new/used Monte Carlo per my friend’s request. He said after the wreck his car had lost its “magic”. I never truly understood what that meant until the day my beautiful Lexus lost the same “enchantment”.  I had loaned by car to my daughter’s boyfriend. Mistake #1 and AGAINST my better judgment but was talked into it. We let him drive it longer than he was supposed to Mistake #2. Then through a long series of events I saw the car again several months later and it was totally trashed! He had wrecked it once, never kept it clean, smoked in it and I don’t know to this day what was spilled in the trunk. Needless to say I took my car back and cried for days mourning over the loss of her “magic”. I never saw the car again. I left it in the hands of my very talented and skilled detail shop then gave the keys to my brother.

I have another wonderful car now and I have put many, many, MANY miles on her and she is good for many more. She is also red. Have a thing for red I suppose……But it will never be the same as my little green car….Nor will I ever have another love affair with a car like the one I had with it.  But my little green car was a gift you see……a gift from my hubby born of love and sacrifice from the last 4 years of living in a very COLD place so he could finish his residency and training to be a radiologist. I think it was the longest 4 years (and 18 days) of my life. And for those who know me…..know exactly what and where I am talking about. Was the four years worth my car? Uhm……..ask me again someday! LOL!

But God has a sense of humor and 2 of my very closest and dearest friends in the world live in that very same COLD place! LOL!! We would have never survived without them.

Thank you Lord for all of the “magic” we see on a daily basis with friends, family, relationships and yes….even cars. I am grateful for all I have and the things You have shown me in my life even though I am unworthy of all of it!

You are so good:-)

My Little Green car.....

My Little Green car…..

Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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