Today’s Observation:

Many things have come to pass in my (almost) 50 years on this planet. I have seen a great deal of life but I know there are many more things to see, feel, love, grieve, write about and experience for the next half century. My 50th birthday is right around the corner. It hasn’t really snuck up on me, but it seems like only a couple of years ago I was celebrating  40 with a few of my closest friends. That birthday really didn’t bother me. I didn’t dwell on it or feel like less than a person because my goals and dreams were nowhere in the neighborhood of what I wanted them to be by my age. We are sooooo NOT going to talk about 45 though! LOL~

At 50, I am in a different place in my life spiritually and inside my own skin. It doesn’t bother me to the degree it has other people. I have known men and women who have complete meltdowns around my age and do some really wacky things. They use the defense of “mid-life crisis” but I think of it as just an excuse to do something you have always wanted to do but knew you would NEVER get away with. Middle age finally allows us the justification to do it. (or so we tell ourselves)

So as I reflect on the next few years of my life, I choose to think of what I want to accomplish at the end of them. A wise person once said to me, “The next 5 years are going to go by one way or the other. Why not accomplish something during that time instead of regretting yet another 5 years with nothing to show for it.” My birthday is going to come whether I want it to or not. I can look back with regrets or I can choose to look to the future and what I CAN accomplish next. I think I will do the latter and not feel the overwhelming desire to turn back the clock……….

Here’s to another 50!

Question #1 What are you going to do with the next 5 years?mistakes

Oh go know you want to!! :-)

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