Today’s Observation: What are we teaching our kids?

YAH!! I DID IT!!…..oh my, I did do it! Aaaah!

You know that feeling of “oh no”?? When you break out in a sweat and think to yourself “what have I just done?” THEN…you try to justify, rationalize and start thinking of ways to “fix” it! I think that is what happened to me after I went to bed last night and dreamed about this silly blog all night! Sleep? What sleep? I rewrote my words at least 10 times and wondered if I could save face from those I have already told if I just deleted the entire thing!

Obviously none of that happened. Although I have edited my first post already but I am going to try and leave it alone. I have this tendency to “tweak” my writing when I read it. That is my downfall I suppose. I know it is not going to be perfect and I want to make sure it makes sense to others. Just because it makes sense to me doesn’t mean YOU will understand what I am trying to say. Is there any way to put yourself out there and NOT invite criticism and ridicule? Bring it on my brothers and sisters….. mwaaahhhaahhaa~~

Today’s Observation:

I have never been a surfer on the internet per say. If I start doing research on something, then I might go to other web sites and check things out related to that particular topic. But I don’t really get on and just look around. I enjoy talking to people online, although this can land me in hot water when something I have said to someone was misconstrued. Feelings were hurt, people were unfriended…yadda, yadda, yadda. This would be ONE reason I am no longer on Facebook.

I am much more of a face to face person, then you have ALL of the faculties of conversation. You can hear tone, read facial expressions, body language and make eye contact. None of those things are available when talking online, or through texting or email. Laughter is infectious! It is hard to make someone laugh out loud while talking online. It can be done! But it is not the same as simply laughing because your neighbor is. Skype and Facetime are better, but still not the same. Plus I am a person who touches and hugs people. VERY difficult to do that when you are on a computer. Social media and technology has changed so much of our communication skills today. Kids (anyone 30 and under) have no clue how to have a face to face conversation with someone. Yet, they can text, email and Facebook, Tweet and Instagram all day long! This makes me sad because it is a lost art form. Nothing can ever take the place of a warm hug, a pat on the shoulder or a soft brush of lips on your temple. The connection made when you shake someone’s hand can make or break a job interview or even a future friendship with that person. How sad is it to miss out on someone special who can enrich your life because you didn’t know how to greet them, make eye contact and shake their hand. You may get a job based on skill, performance and a resume but I promise, it will come down to an ability to communicate if there are 10 of you vying for the same job with the same resume. Sometimes it is NOT who you know…..
There is nothing like hanging out with your friends and/or family. Eating together and fellowship, getting to know people and learning to love someone new cannot ever be replaced by a computer. What an incredible experience!  Let’s have a burger and love on one another for a change!

Question #1 When was the last time you hung out with someone just to be in their presence and learn something new about them?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Observation: What are we teaching our kids?

    • I agree with julie. I wonder how much we purposely teach our kids versus the lessons they pick up from us subliminally….


  1. You often never realize what you’ve taught, until you see the Mother’s curse, “May your children grow up to be exactly like you,” come true!


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