Blog me this…blog me that…who’s afraid of the big bad____?

Well….here goes!

So I decided to start writing a blog. This should be fun and fairly easy…at least that is what my friend “Diamond” said. She should appreciate her pen name because it suits her. She is a “diamond in the rough” and the name is symbolic of her’s. I know she will shine one day with her own success in writing. I look forward to your comments, opinions and observations darling!!

I have been playing around with names for my blog all day. This is the one I decided on. A little play on words, eh? How many of you actually know where the saying came from? That is question #1 for today.

It is difficult to narrow down exactly what I want to talk about….so there will be different topics on different days. But I promise to try to keep it interesting. I will talk about fear some days, maybe being happy some days, sad some days, excited about a new project and my daily adventures and simple life observations. While my life may not be that exciting, I do have some strange and silly experiences in my daily walk and those around me who keep me tuned in. I am a people person and I have an absolute need to be “plugged in” to the ones I love and care about. This changes and grows all the time when I have the beautiful opportunity to meet new people who enrich my life. God is so good!!

I may even throw in a short story, some poetry or a joke! Life is funny!!! As a comedian once said…”It is just my job to point it out!” I hope to make you laugh sometimes! 🙂


Today’s observation:

These are all very hard times, but my motto for as long as I can remember is: And this too shall pass! It sounds like a cliché but it is so much more than just words. It isn’t in the Bible (I discovered this while looking for chapter and verse) but it is a wonderful Hebrew saying that has lived through the ages. I have several close friends walking through some very difficult days ahead. One with cancer and another whose mother is dying. While I have no idea how either of them feel, I can certainly empathize with their pain from my own past experiences. I try to encourage them, pray for them and love them during these trials. They are my heart for now……

Think about it….does anything EVER stay the same? No, it doesn’t! It changes from day-to-day and it always has, always will. If nothing ever changed, how boring would life be? This is not to be confused with “Time is a great healer”. I do not agree with this statement. “Time” in and of itself does NOT heal anything. It just passes and makes some pain a little more bearable by the simple human nature of forgetfulness. But I promise if there is anything from your past that is painful and you have not been healed from it, if triggered, that pain can feel just as fresh as the day it happened no matter how many days, weeks, months or even years have passed. So in that case…time didn’t heal  a thing. It only allowed other new thoughts and memories, experiences and conversations to fill the space. The pain has been pushed to the back of the mind in its little hiding place. Then it can be brought to the surface, with absolutely no warning by the most startling things. Dealing with pain does not mean to forget it. It means to bring it to the surface on YOUR terms, own it, talk about it with a friend, or counselor, or pastor and God. Let the healing begin. It does not mean you will not hurt, it means you can replace it with peace, forgiveness and understanding. Use it to make better decisions in the future or maybe to help someone else who is going through a similar event. I can tell you from my life’s experiences, you can do it!

So let’s talk about something good…. A smell is a very strong memory trigger, even if it is on a subconscious level. This can bring back wonderful and special memories as well as pain like a loved one who has passed. One that comes to mind for me is the smell of cabbage cooking. Now….MOST people (and I have to agree with them) say that stinks! But for me, it brings back my amazing, loving grandmother and her Sunday dinners. It is a warm, inviting, cozy and comfortable memory for me.

Question #2 What do smells  remind you of??


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